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Little Wings Wonderue Preview! Fall Archives and Overstock Sale

Well, things are still looking wacky and unpredictable over here in Tucson. How are you?

We may be having to move out of the studio I've had since I moved to Tucson (over 8 years ago), which means 2500 sq ft stacked to the rafters with record lathes, PIAPTK backstock, garage sale finds, arts supplies, thrift store art, my LP collection, etc are gonna have to go somewhere. And I have no idea where the hell that is going to be, so, hopefully you can help me relocate micro-doses of goodness to your place. And to help you do that, I've dragged some extra stuff out of boxes and onto the archives pages of the site. And we are having another overstock sale with NOS old releases for as cheap as $1.

There is also some weird stuff on the horizon that may require me moving out of Tucson (WAYYY out of Tucson) to follow my kid, so any help you can do to lighten my load will be greatly appreciated!

Also, I'm driving from Tucson to Seattle starting Friday, so if you live on the west coast and have been considering buying a record lathe, now is your time to get it delivered and get trained on it! But hmu soon af.

Ok, onto a few things.

2. Dream Sitch (Nau + Floating Action) 1st Single Released
3. Little Wings Wonderue Preview 10" and Wonderue LP Distro
4. Spring cleaning Archives Refresh
5. Dollar Bin Yard Sale


The Michael Nau + Floating Action Long Distance Quarantine Project, Dream Sitch, released their first single "From Now On" on Spotify and you can Stream it HERE! The Lps are set to be released in December, and there will probably be a preorder in Mid-November. More to come on this one.


My love for Little Wings is no secret... I talk about it on the first line of almost every new release I release for him/them. Wonderue is ONE OF THOSE RECORDS. My second favorite LW record and part of the Wonder Trilogy. Faith Children, Shredder Sequel, I saw Reflections, etc. This album is awesome, and is currently not available on Spotify. The LP has been reissued by our buds at Moone Records in Phoenix and we traded with them to get some distro copies. Stream Wonderue here:

But the real PIAPTK news is Wonderue Preview. A weird cassette tape that Kyle put out in 1999 just before Wonderue was released initially. The songs on Preview are not directly related to Wonderue, but with LW, everything has ties to whatever else is in his canon. If you don't already know what I mean, you should dig deep and be richly rewarded.

I've had a crappy internet bootleg copy of Wonderue Preview for years and always loved it. (I initially got turned on to Wonderue Preview by Graves, who did a cover of I'm Feeling Tough, and I asked Greg " I have every Little Wings album, how do I not know this song?!?!")

So, when I saw Moone beat me to reissuing Wonderue (A few years ago, Kyle and I talked about releasing the whole Wonder Trilogy (Wonderue, Discover Worlds of Wonder, and The Wonder City as a boxset, but that was too expensive, and I think I was probably quitting the label for the 58th time around then, so it never materialized), I reached out about reissuing a Lathe Cut of Wonderue Preview. I was hoping that Kyle had the masters, but of course he didn't (he is not the best archivist of his own output), and the copy I had would have sounded like total garbage and would have been even worse on a lathe cut. So I called all my LW collector nerd buddies and found that Chad Heile had an original cassette. His roommate, Bryan Wollen agreed to digitize it for us and did a great job. Unfortunately the tape probably didn't sound super great to begin with, so even the well transferred transfer was hissy and lo-fi. So, we hired Richard Houghten to master it and he slayed it. The master sounds SOOOO Much better than the original. Unfortunately, cutting to a lathe cut is a LOT different than just audio mastering, so myself and Chris Levesque spent a lot more time getting it to sound right on a lathe cut. And considering the consequences of this records birth, I am extremely proud of what we all accomplished. I think it sounds great (with the asterisk of what it is) and totally appropriate for the material.

I hope you enjoy it.

Pick One Up Here


You know how it goes. I do this every year or so. I clean up the studio, I find a box of this and that, I get less attached to my standard 3-5 archives copies that are held back, etc. Well, Oops I did it again, I dug through the box, and brought up new good stuff that you're gonna love... doo doo be doo doo. Found a lot of great long out of print stuff, Scottman, Devendra, Tunde Adimbe, Floating Action, Michael Nau, Jason Lytle, Grandaddy, etc etc.

Check Them Up Here


You also know how this one goes, because I do it every year or so as well. I release a bad ass record, nobody checks it out, nobody buys it, and hundreds of copies sit on my shelf feeling unappreciated, and then I mark em down way below cost in the hopes that one of you fine folks takes a chance and throws down a couple bucks to bring it into your home and love it. ::Cue the Sarah McLachlan Soundtrack::

Help, you, me, the artist, and the collective human consciousness out by taking a chance on something you don't have.

Pick Them Up Here

Posted on September 27th, 2020
Nau, Dean and Britta, Benny Yurco, Blank Tapes, Sean Spellman

Well, the shit has officially hit the fan at the USPS. The new postmaster general holds tons of UPS and Fedex stock, and it is in his best personal interest for the USPS to fail completely. You would think that would disqualify him for running the post office, but then you would think about all the other shit getting pulled by the government and you would just shrug and realize it is business as usual. You would also think "Maybe we should bail out the USPS since almost every American citizen relies on it in some capacity, so why are we NOT bailing that out, and instead bailing out Cruise Line companies and Billionaire Real Estate Developers who are tearing down every piece of interesting or historical architecture so they can build shitty contractor grade condos?" And again, you would shrug.

USPS is taking FOREVER these days. Don't expect it soon.

So, this may very well be your last chance to support tiny mail order labels like PIAPTK without spending $22 to ship an LP via UPS or Fedex.

This may very well be the end.

But, if it is, I hope you will raise a glass of whatever you are drinking and think of the love we put into these releases next time you listen to the PIAPTK records you already own. Because all that love will always be there.

However, artists are still cranking out great new stuff, and I am still here to cathartically help them get that stuff out into the world in a physical form for you to enjoy until we get the final surprise of overnight quadrupled postage when we log into ship them through paypal.

Got a ton of amazing stuff coming down the pipe, but it may be a little while until the next email as I am currently out on the Covidball Run from Tucson to Florida to Nashville to Tucson, and then possibly up to Portland and back. I'm the Johnny Appleseed of record lathes, and I would love to come plant one at your place if you live en route.

Coming Soon (maybe....):
-Michael Nau + Floating Action = Dream Sitch!
A long distance quarantine collaboration from two of PIAPTK's favorites... and the record is just as great as you would expect it to be.
-The Spark of PIAPTK - this will be a 4x10" boxset (discs available individually, too) that will be made to preorder and represent my most musically formative years going to shows in Denton and Dallas, TX in 1996-2001. Centro-Matic - Early Demos, Baboon - The Numb EP, The Tomorrow People - Marijuana Beach, and El Gato - Unreleased Demos. These were my favorite bands during that time period and the bands that transitioned me from small town punk rocker to pretentious indie boi. All of the bands are long gone, but they all hold hugely special places in my heart. All of the bands can be found on Spotify and I would be honored if you would check them out now to see if you want to pick up a copy during the preorder, after that they will never be available again. It's a vanity project for sure, but is a big deal for me personally.
Veronica Bianqui - ST LP - Such a great mod-garage pop record!
Briana Marela - 7"
And MAYBE a new series with releases from Jake Ingalls (Spaceface), Jason SImon (Dead Meadow), and Sugar Candy Mountain! Still in negotiations!a

INTL CUSTOMERS BEWARE: International post is taking insanely long and is very unreliable, so buy at your own risk!

This time!
Dean and Britta 7x7" Boxset - Quarantine Tapes!
Marble Blur (Michael Nau) - ST 10 song 10"
Benny Yurco (w/ Nau and Floating Action) - You Are My Dreams LP
Sean Spellman - Easterly Instrumental 10"
Blank Tapes - Look Into The Light LPs Distro

NOTE: Benny Yurco and Dean and Britta are PREORDERS. I HIGHLY Recommend you order those seperately from any other items so we can ship the items that are in stock IMMEDIATELY. The preorders will HOPEFULLY be in within a week or so, but who knows anymore?

Dean and Britta 7x7" Boxset - Quarantine Tapes!

INTL CUSTOMERS BEWARE: International post is taking insanely long and is very unreliable, so buy at your own risk!

Dean and Britta from Luna/Galaxie 500 bring you a SIX double sided 7" lathe cut box set with a star shaped one sided bonus disc for those who purchase the whole set. Dean and Britta wanted to hire me to cut these boxsets for their newly founded label, Double Feature Records, but I talked them into letting PIAPTK co-release it (in exchange for a discount! haha). They are selling them individually OR as a boxset, but I only have 50 copies of the box (250 total made), so I'm just going to sell them as a set. All of the sets include a bonus song on a star shaped 7" that is only available with the boxsets and is signed by Dean and Britta.

Offish Descripsh:

Here are Dean & Britta’s “Quarantine Tapes”; six singles, twelve songs in all, recorded at home during the lockdown spring of 2020. Some are taken from livestream performances, others are recorded from scratch in the home studio. Highlights are a remix of “Neon Lights” by Matt Fishbeck (aka Holy Shit), new covers of the Bee Gees’ “Massachusetts”, Donovan’s “Sadness,” and “He Dines Out on Death” originally by no-Wave singer Cristina who passed away in March this year.

These 7” singles run at 33rpm and are two-sided d lathe-cut on clear square shaped plastic. Each comes with a different colored sleeve by the great Californian painter Brian Calvin. If you buy all six, they will arrive in a white cardboard box with a couple of silkscreen stickers and a bonus star-shaped disc with a version of “Parking Lot” (from a recent livestream).

Full tracklisting:

1. Massachusetts / Air
2. Sadness / Ride Into the Sun
3. Neon Lights / Neon Lights (Holy Shit remix)
4. I’m So Bored With the USA / Drive
5. Most of the Time / Indian Summer
6. He Dines Out On Death / 23 Minutes in Brussels
Bonus disc for sull sets: Parking Lot

Listen to it Here!

Buy One Here!

Marble Blur (Michael Nau) - ST 10 song 10

INTL CUSTOMERS BEWARE: International post is taking insanely long and is very unreliable, so buy at your own risk!

Marble Blur (Michael Nau) - Marble Blur Instrumental 10 song 10" available in two formats. Black Vinyl with Pentagonal Glitter center label and Hand Painted Psychedelic Pic Disc.

Michael Nau is ridiculously prolific when the world is open and he is touring almost fulltime, but now that everything is shut down and touring is cancelled, he has been downright on fire. If you haven't heard the demos album he released on Suicide Squeeze, which pulled together the demos of his first two solo albums, or So On So On, his self-released home recorded quarantine album, you are really missing out. On top of that, he recorded a long distance collaborative quarantine album with Seth Kaufman (Floating Action), which we are STOKED to be releasing in the fall. And, in addition to all that, there are probably another 100 songs that he isn't showing anybody. Now that Wooden Wand has retired, Michael seems poised to take JJT's place in the PIAPTK Pantheon as the overflowing conduit to the lyrical otherworld. Anyway, enough of my yappin'.

Marble Blur - Marble Blur EP is a ten song 10" of instrumentals that Nau recorded at home during quarantine. It is available in two formats. Standard Black 10" in black sleeve with diecut glitter sticker or mega deluxe unique painted double sided 10" with trippy irridescent, glitter and/or black light paints with embedded glitter stickers inside the disc in a pic disc sleeve.

It is probably the most PIAPTK release I've released in a long time in regards to the circumstances of its' birth. Upcycling garbage, fuckups, heartbreak, redemption, more fuckups, family, quadruple the work, perseverance, etc.

So basically here is how it went:

1) 3 years ago I ordered $1500 worth of 10" CNC routed plastic circles from a new supplier and every single one of them came in warped and unusable. Unable to throw away pretty much anything, they sat in a pile on a shelf in the studio.
2) three weeks ago I had a lucid dream that gluing them back to back with opposite warps would flatten them out. And it WORKED!
3) So, I enlisted my daughter Ryer to help me paint the discs. We sat around, made all kinds of designs using the paints, had a good ol' time making about 120 copies, and watched 4 of the 8 Beethoven the St Bernard movies.
4) The next two days were my personal cutting days at the studio (sat and sun), which coincided with Ryer being at her moms', so I went down to the studio and spent about 12 hours each day cutting the audio.
5) Later in the week, I discovered that because I hadn't let the paint dry, and because we had used SOOO much paint that it had oozed out of the center hole and the edges and tiny paint flecks had gotten on the platter mat, and then onto the A-side of a LOT of the records, causing one or two (or more skips). So I play tested about 50 of them all the way through (and only found 2 usuable ones) before finally giving up and throwing them all in the trash to start from scratch.
6) And, in true me fashion, there was no fucking way I was going to let ANY project get the better of me, so I decided I was going to make them again.
7) However, because I no longer had useless plastic to work with, and each disc required two CNC routed 10" discs, meaning that each one requires not only about an hour of work to make the disc and the embedded sticker and to cut the audio, but also $13 in material cost. And since I give the artists 30% of the run as payment, just to break even and pay myself 1988 Burger King starting wages for my time (a pact that I made myself when I decided to not close down PIAPTK in 2016 (I did NOT charge myself for the 25 hours of labor wasted on my fuck up, tho)) I had to price these at $29.99. So, I talked to Michael and we decided that instead of doing 100 painted discs, we would do 50 painted and 50 standard discs at $18.99 so people could still own it for a more reasonable price.
8) Then I had to spend another grueling 24 hours cutting them again.

Buy One Here!

Listen to it Here!

Benny Yurco (w/ Nau and Floating Action) - You Are My Dreams LP


Benny Yurco is a guy I've heard about for a LONG time. My partner in Soild Gold, Dimitri, always wanted to do a SG with him, he's good buds with Dr Dog, I heard many stories about him while I was on tour with Michael Nau in Europe, and even met him once in Joshua Tree while he was recording with Nau, McMickens, Kaufman, and Sabatino for the album that became Less Ready To Go.

Benny recorded the basic tracks for You Are My Dreams in one day and then sent it out to Nau, Kauffman, and Graeme Gibson (Nau, Fruit Bats, etc) to do some overdubs and fill it out, and had Scott McMicken and LeeAnn Cornelius from Acorn Bcorn do the art for it.

Now it is available in a ltd edition of 200 pressed LPs on "Blue Dream" and "Flor Amarilla" (100 copies each) vinyl, randomly inserted!

All orders in the first week receive a free pack of Benny Yurco rolling papers!

"You Are My Dreams" is an experimental, improvisational, alternative world album of instinctual free thought, spirit guided, melodic & rhythmic intuition, written & recorded by composer/multi-instrumentalist/producer, Benny Yurco. The rhythm tracks were cut & dub'd on on his 1/2" tape recorder in his home studio in Vermont, Little Jamaica, one day in May of 2019. Most of the recordings were then sent to dear friends/fellow musicians/recordist, Seth Kauffman (Floating Action/Angel Olsen/Jim James), Michael Nau, & Graeme Gibson (Michael Nau) for additional instrument overdub recordings.

YAMDs was mixed by Graeme Gibson & mastered by Christopher Colbert.

Cover Art / Art Direction by Leann Cornelius & Scott Mcmicken

This Limited Edition 12" color LP will be pressed on "Blue Dream" blue vinyl & "Flor Amarilla" yellow vinyl and will be a random color toss up to each buyer & brought to your turntable by PIAPTK Recordings. There will only be 200 LP's pressed, 100 blue, 100 yellow. Each LP also includes an art insert with lyrics/credits and a drawing by comrade/artist/musician Evan apRoberts.
Each pre order will include a custom pack of "You Are My Dreams, Roll & Dream" 1 & 1/4 organic hemp rolling papers for the blazers & dreamers among us!

"You Are My Dreams" will also be available on limited edition cassette through PressOn Records in late August!

Listen to it at Benny's Bandcamp:

Buy One Here!

Sean Spellman - Easterly Instrumental 10"

PIAPTK is a pretty incestuous family tree. Most artists have deep ties to one another and usually find new artists through the old ones. Almost everybody has played with, toured with, recorded with, are a side/solo project of, dated, or are heavy buds with, etc at least a few of the other artists on the label. In fact, I started making a family tree of all the bands that I've worked with on more than one release, and there was only ONE artist that didn't have pretty solid ties to at least three other artists on the label.

Well, Sean Spellman's main band, Quiet Life has recorded with both Adam Selzer (Norfolk & Western) and Nathan Sabatino (Golden Boots, Dr Dogs in house engineer for 5 records), and is actually Scott McMickens cousin, and is buds with a bunch of that West Coast PIAPTK Crew.

So, this is Sean's solo Instrumental EP, Easterly. IT contains four instrumental tracks that were cut from his full length album, Westerly.

It's limited to 50 copies on black lathe cut10"s with all of the covers uniquely hand-decorated by Sean and his daughter.

Buy One Here!

Listen to it Here!

Blank Tapes - Look Into The Light LPs Distro

Swapped with our buddies at Nomad Eel Records for some LP copies of the GREAT new Blank Tapes LP, Look Into The Light. One LP packed full with seven extended length jammerz on metallic silver vinyl. This record is great and we only about 15 copies for sale.

If you don't already have the excellent Blank Tapes - Candy LP, pick up a 2 pk with one of each!
This is the heaviest thing The Blank Tapes have done yet! It’s a smash cut of Stones/Flamin Groovies street rock, longhair 70s-adjacent riffs and stark El Topo endless-desert-of-the-mind imagery. If you like this then you will love the countless guitar solos that blazes from both sides of this LP. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

'Look Into The Light’ written and performed by Matt Adams. #1-3 basic tracks recorded by Tommy Dietrick at Skylab Studio In Joshua Tree, CA 2018, overdubs by Matt Adams. #4-6 recorded & mixed by Mike Post at Moosecat Recording In Los Angeles, CA 2019. #7 recorded by Matt Adams at Arroyo Seco Studio in Yucca Valley, CA, drums recorded by Nathan Sabatino. #1-3 & 7 mixed by Nathan Sabatino at Hi Dez Recording. Mastered by Paul Oldham. Art by Matt Adams.

Shaughnessy Starr - Drums #1-6
Jason Cirimele - Bass #1-3
Veronica Bianqui - Vocals #1-7

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Posted on August 13th, 2020
Ceased and Desisted.

Well, crap. Yesterday we sent out an email about a new release that contained unused tracks recorded specifically for a soundtrack. And, as a joke, mentioned that you should tag the music supervisor for that soundtrack... and well, somebody might have taken us seriously, and we got slapped with a big ol' Cease and Desist. So... uh, not only were we not supposed to bother the music supervisor, but we weren't supposed to use the name of the film, etc etc. So we have scrubbed everything.


Mailing will be on hold for a week or so until we figure out exactly what to do.

We will be in touch.

MeaCulpa Dixon.

Posted on June 29th, 2020
Raymond Byron (Castanets), Lee Gull Baggett Burnr 2

Well, I don't even know how to start these things anymore. Same Shit, Different Day. It's like Groundhogs Day meets 12 Monkeys meets Idiocracy as reimagined by Black Mirror. But strangely, Life Goes On.

So, as usual, I've just been locking myself away in the studio, cutting records and burning through blades on my beloved Cricut cutter, my one and only pandemic friend.

But, all that shit's a downer. And I don't sell downers. I sell pick-us-uppers, and we got some killer shit to brighten your day during your indefinite home-stay.

So, let's get this rolling while mailing records is still somewhat affordable. BTW, if you haven't already, PLEASE sign this petition:

  1. redacted
  2. Raymond Byron (Castanets) – Kingdom 1 and 2 – 8” Pic disc lathe cut
  3. Lee Gull Baggett – Burnr 2 – 2x10” Lathe Cut

Raymond Byron (Castanets) – Kingdom 1 and 2 – 8” Pic disc lathe cut

Raymond Byron (Raposa) was the main force behind early aughts freak psych folk act Castanets, one of my personal favorites. Outside of a solo record (2012's excellent White Freighter) and a 2014 Castanets record, Decimation Blues, Ray has been quiet. BUT, coming very soon, he has a new LP coming out on ESP Disc (whose batshit insane roster includes Albert Ayler, Sun Ra, Billie Holliday, Holy Modal Rounders, Timothy Leary, William S Burroughs, and even Charlie Manson) soon.

But, just to get a little blood in the water, we are putting out this combo single of related outtakes "Kingdom 1 & 2", which was produced and played upon by my old friend Cory Gray (Graves, Carcrashlander, etc).

Each one is on a transparent one sided 8" pic disc whose image will probably take on a more specific meaning once you hear the song and watch the record as it plays.

Hear a couple of tracks here:

Buy One Here!

Lee Gull Baggett – Burnr 2 2x10” Lathe Cut

Lee Baggett is one of my favorite people on the planet. He also has one of the biggest “cult followings” in PIAPTK's history. He was one of the earliest artists on PIAPTK, and I get more email requests for the super limited 10”s I made for him back in the early days than I do The Flaming Lips and Scott McMicken records. People LOVE Lee Baggett, just like I do. He is a frequent collaborator of Little Wings, but his solo recordings are a beautifully mutant hybrid of Neil Young, Jerry Garcia, and Daniel Johnston. Jammy, shakey, loose and unpolished, but fun and beautiful.

This is the second installment of Burnr, recorded a couple years after Burnr 1 with the same band of Greg Olin (Graves), Cory Gray (Graves/Carcrashlander), Zach Tillman (Father John Misty), Nate Ashley (Solo/Graves), and Brian Wright (Graves/Gold Leaves).

This is a double 10" on white vinyl in gatefold chipboard jacket.

If you haven't already, pick up Burnr 1 as well!

Ride Your Wild Horses
Something Shiny
Silver Moon
No Crying
Tall Grass
Farm Crunch
King of the Canyon
Welcome to the Pages
Freee Birdie
Can't Blame the Sunshine

Hear a couple of tracks here:

Buy One Here!

Posted on June 26th, 2020
Richard Santos Edition - Scott McMicken, Golden Boots, Sloppy Joe and the Cruise!

Hello again! Welcome to the Richard Santos issue of the PIAPTK newsletter. For those (most of you) who don't know him, Richard Santos is one of my favorite people. An ageless Austinite whose main passions include heavy metal, psych-pop, and yacht rock billboard chart-toppers from 1972. He is one of the most excited/excitable dudes I've ever met in my life. And he loves great music. He films videos, makes tons of collages, roadies for bands, etc. He is just an all-around good-vibes-man. And it just so happens, he randomly had a hand in ALL THREE of the releases that are coming out today. He made the collages for the Scott McMicken “Catch Ya Later” Pic Disc AND the video (along with Jeremy Bruch), He made the collage for the Golden Boots “Nite Drives” Soild Gold Poster, AND, after I sent him a Sloppy Joe and the Cruise test pressing in a big care package last month, (with no real info, but knowing it would appeal to his obsession with 70s yacht rock) he sent me a LONG letter asking tons of questions about it, and an (unsolicited) hand-written recipe for his Sloppy Joes and a $20 bill to buy the ingredients so I could cook them up myself. I did, and they were delicious, so we included the recipe in the zine that comes with the Keep on Cruisin' album.

1. Scott McMicken – Catch Ya Later! Pic Disc Lathe Cut
2. Golden Boots – Nite Drives Soild Gold LP
3. Sloppy Joe and The Cruise – Keep on Cruisin'

PLEASE NOTE: ALL OF THESE ARE PREORDERS. They should hopefully ship soon. They are all en-route to me via UPS, and I will ship them AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLY, but as I learned from the Floating Action Outsider Art LPs, UPS is having some issues these days. Also, the photos are either incomplete or mock-ups... that will be corrected once I get everything in from UPS (this week, HOPEFULLY). It will take about a week for everything to arrive, and a week to get everything assembled and mailed. So, HOPEFULLY two weeks?

Scott McMicken – Catch Ya Later Lathe Cut Pic Discs
Scott McMicken and Richard Santos (who toured with and filmed the Dr Dog “Bowery Ballroom” Live Video and released it under his DIY film label, Shot By A Fan) collaborated with former What Made Milwaukee Famous drummer, Jeremy Bruch to make a video called “Catch Ya Later” that featured a new Scott song, Richards' collages featuring otherworldly Leave it To Beaver era scenes of twisted domesticity, and his and Jeremys' greenscreen sock puppet work. Check the video here:

Never one to let a Scott McMicken project pass me by without asking to be a part of it, I asked Scott if we could do some pic discs of it using Richards' collages, and he said “As long as Richard is down, so am I!” and I knew Richard would be into it, so we got cranking on them. Richard emailed me 100 unique collages, so there are ONE HUNDRED different designs of this pic discs. Like all recent releases, these are not limited during this weird time. Everybody that wants one should be able to get one. I won't make them forever, but for the foreseeable future, I'm not limiting the editions. But, you can rest assured that you will own of one only a few of the version of the disc you get.


Golden Boots – Nite Drives Soild Gold LP
Golden Boots have been stretching out over the last few years. As the lineup has fluidly shifted around Ryen and Dimitri, the format has gone from Crumbly Western to Omnichord-Core to Instrumental Sunset tunes and everything in between. And they have been PROOLIFFFIC. Nite Drives was recorded a couple years ago during the beginning of the Instrumental period, and it has been a fan favorite since being released on tape by the band. And, since I've recently been getting more into instrumental albums myself it made perfect sense that the man who founded Soild Gold (Dimitri) would be the 12th Soild Gold release. It consists of three long format chill vibe background dinner party tunes.


Sloppy Joe and the Cruise – Keep On Cruisin' LP

I REALLY love this record. And the response to the soft-rollout of it has been incredible. It is available NOW to stream at all the usual streaming sites.

It's Jimmy Buffet meets Brian Wilson Meets Jerry Garcia. It's clever, self aware, self-deprecating, beautiful, funny, sad, and infectious.

It was recorded in 1975 by a Key West slacker named “Sloppy” Joe Flappens, and sat on a shelf until a year and a half ago, when he passed away and it was sent to Doug O'Donnell (former Dr. Dog guitarist) as a condition of Joe's will. Joe and Doug met in 2004 at a bar after Doug played in Key West, and they became penpals. Below is the teaser. The full story is in the zine that is included with the record. bookshelf at Joe's house for 40 years. See the teaser story below....

The Keep On Cruisin' Pack Includes:

-First Pressing Limited to 250 copies in die-cut covers.
-On Yellow with red fleck sunset vinyl.
- Includes a zine with images and what little information is known about “Sloppy Joe” Flappens and the recording session
- Includes a pack of custom Keep on Cruisin' rolling papers

After a show in Key West, FL, in 2004, Dr. Dog guitarist Doug O'Donnell wandered into a run down dive bar called Chart Room, and ordered a drink. There we only a handful of lonely regulars in the bar, but one of them came over and sat down next to Doug after hearing that he was a touring musician. For the next two hours, this skinny, scraggly bearded man, although in his mid-50s had the world weariness of someone far older, unrolled his own incredible history (while Doug unrolled the $5 bills of his tour per diem to keep them both in rum and cokes). This man was “Sloppy” Joe Flappen. In the late 70's, (as he told it), Sloppy Joe was one of the kings of the Southern Florida Beach Bar scene. He had a band, “The Cruise”, that would pack houses all the area, long before Jimmy Buffet's “Margaritaville” would bring Tropical Rock to the masses. Buffett and Flappen were working the same circuit, and, while not exactly friends (there was, unshockingly, a “woman to blame” for this), they occasionally played together. Joe gave him a copy of the record that night (dubbed over a Dan Fogelberg cassette), which became a favorite in the Dr Dog tour van. Joe and Doug continued to be penpals for the next decade, but eventually lost touch. When Joe passed away in 2018, he left the master tapes to Keep on Cruisin' to Doug, along with a note asking him to get it out to anyone who might care. So that is what we are trying to do.


Posted on May 31st, 2020