Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ
Dream Sitch, Mr. Husband, Adam Gross, and Lathe Cut Camp 21

Remember when I said that the last email would be the last blast until fall. Well, it definitely isn't fall in Tucson, yet. But, I didn't lie, shit has just changed so here we are, rollin' with the flow. Too many great releases shaping up and need to roll 'em out.

1. Dream Sitch 2: Long Rattle LP
2. Mr. Husband - Ocean Pines Hand Painted 10" Lathe Cut
3. Adam Gross - Phantosmia - Lathe Cut Stereo LP Pic Disc
4. Lathe Cut Camp #21 - Nov 4-6, 2023
5. Do me a favor and browse our past releases... I'm broke and have a lot of fun and expensive projects on the docket waiting for funding.

1. Dream Sitch - Long Rattle LP!

The Sophomore album from Michael Nau (Cotton Jones Basket Ride, Page France, Scott McMicken and the Ever-Expanding) and Seth Kauffman (Floating Action, plus studio and live sideman for almost everybody).

DS2 followed the same method as DS1.. Mike sent a vocal & guitar, or loop, recording to Seth in the morning, and Seth built the song out by afternoon, reacting to the song during first listen. That’s the gist of the exercise, a quick moving back and forth for a few days, ending in an album.

Limited to 200 copies, all on White w/ Red Black Blue Splatter.
Ltd Ed of 100 Copies on Deluxe Edition" Includes exclusive "Hi-Dez Remix" Lathe cut 7". Comes with one of 6 different artworks by Gretchen Kauffman.

Pick up a copy of Dream Sitch - ST at a reduced price if you don't already have it.

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2. Mr. Husband - Ocean Pines 10" Handpainted Lathe Cut

#3 in the slow-rolling (but always quick to sell out) reissue series of the Mr. Husband back catalog.
Limited edition of 50 on Lathe Cut Blue 10" Vinyl, All hand painted and signed by Mr. Husband.

From Kenny:
I spent the brutally cold month of January 2018 hunched over a 4-track cassette recorder in my attic in Frederick. Maryland making this record all by my lonesome. I used some old damaged cassettes that had been stored in my hot garage for over a decade and as I started tracking I realized they could only hold a tiny bit of volume before falling apart so I had to record everything at a whisper level. (This made Lindsay happy as she was trying to sleep in the room below while I was recording). There is a yin and yang, a push and pull to the songs on Ocean Pines. There are friendly, warm lullabies of the present. There are aching, sorrowful memories of the past. I was tempted to split them into two groups but in the end it felt more true to my life and my experience to have all the good and bad, all the comfort and sorrow, swirling together into one.

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3. Adam Gross - Phantosmia LP

SM Wolf / Amo Joy leader, Adam Gross goes solo and takes it down a notch! This time leaning much more into quiet indie folk ala Elliot Smith, Iron and WIne, etc but with his own spin. This is my favorite album of his yet. Adam and I go back a LONG time. He is one of my favorite people and many times it seems like we've been riding the same universal wavelength since we met in 2007. We've run into each other totally randomly all over the country, travelled the world together, etc. Not only do I love his music, I love him. Please check it out!

If I am sold out, Adam will have some on his bandcamp at some point. So keep an eye out!

Profesh Blurb:
Phantosmia is the debut solo LP from Indianapolis songwriter Adam Graahs. This album steps away from the fuzzed out guitar leads and belting vocals of his bands S.M. Wolf and Amo Joy, and lands in a more contemplative space. Starting life on home-recorded reel to reel tapes, the album’s warm sonic characteristics compliment its pastoral tones and help balance the sometimes heavy political undertones of the lyrics.With finger-picked acoustic guitar filling the foreground, beds of clarinets and synthesizers give the songs a subtle, surrealistic atmosphere that’s perfect for cloudy days inside or long summer drives.

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4. Lathe Cut Camp #21 - Nov 4-6, 2023

Lathe Cut Camp 20 in September sold out quick, so it's time for another Lathe Cut Camp.Nov 4-6, 2023 in Tucson, AZ This will be the last one until at least Spring 2024. Possibly April.

(This Camp is PERFECT FOR NEWBIES or Folks who just want to learn how it's done whether they want to start cutting themselves or not!)

(Classes are Saturday thru Monday, but Monday is just extra practice and cutting of campers records, so if you need to fly in late Friday and leave late Sunday, you will get most of the information)



Spend three days in scenic Tucson, AZ learning (almost) everything you need to know about DIY Record Cutting! The focus of this camp will be on mono "semi-professional" machines, with particular focus on Presto 6Ns, which are one of the most common and "industry standard" vintage machines around. (if you have a different model that you want to learn more about, please ask! I may have one you can use here, or you can bring your own). You can do some amazing things with these incredible machines, and I will show you how.

We will also talk about and do a little Stereo Diamond cutting demo, which is new for this lathe cut camp!

Bring your own music and we will put it onto discs for you to take home. We will touch on professional record mastering/pressing, but my main interest and experience, and the focus of this camp, will be on the more DIY and experimental side of the hobby. There are only 8 spots available, so buy early because every previous camp has sold out!

Perfect if you are interested in:
Vinyl records and how their masters are cut
Learning how this strange black art works
Buying a lathe to make your own records
Ordering lathe cuts from a lathe cut service
Cutting your own music to disc

Topics covered:
The science behind vinyl record cutting
Lathe Operations and equipment
The pressing process
Lacquer dub plate cutting
Experimental and alternative materials (plexiglass, laserdiscs, picnic plates, etc)
Stereo Diamond Hifi One-Off Records (Introduction to)

Please Note: You are responsible for your own transportation to/from Tucson and your accommodations. The New Lathe Cave is in Midtown Tucson near the corner of Grant and North Country Club Rd.

Purchase is non-refundable. I understand that sometimes plans change and things go awry, and will try to apply your credit to a future camp, but due to the limited nature of the camp, I can't refund your payment if you aren't able to attend.

About the Presenter: For more info on me, please visit the About page of this site.

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Posted on July 31st, 2023