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Sloppy Joe & The Cruise DEMOS unearthed! Mila Webb! Lathe Cut Camp #18

Well, the time between emails just gets longer and longer each time, huh? One of these days, the world won't have PIAPTK to kick around anymore. BUT THAT'S NOT TODAY! Today I got some projects that have been in the works for quite a while that we are finally finishing up. And boy, are we stoked!

What have I been up to since the last time we talked, you ask? Just the usual... did a 7 day turn and burn lathe buying/installing trip from Tucson-Chicago-Indianapolis-Louisville-St Louis-Denver-Tucson. Cut records for my hero, Terry Allen on the Outlaw Country Cruise to Cabo, flew to Paris to install a record lathe for Thomas Bangalter from Daft Punk and cut records at a Science and Industry Museum, held two lathe cut camps, restored and sold about 15-20 record lathes and moved them into new homes, etc. The devil will make work for idle hands to do. I also cut these new releases somewhere in the middle of all that wildness.

**NEW TIK TOK TREND I'm trying to get off the ground: It's called The Back Catalog Challenge. It's easy! You just choose a random album out of the PIAPTK back catalog, buy it, and then post a Tik Tok of you listening to it and doing a silly dance. I don't have a Tik Tok to tag (do you even do that on Tik Tok?) so please tag Cardi B with all PIAPTK posts. Thanks!

This Time:
1) Sloppy Joe & The Cruise - Sloppy Sails Alone (Demos and Outtakes)
2) Mila Webb - Lucky Nights Lathe Cut 12" Pic Discs
3) Grab Bag - $300 worth for $100!
4) Lathe Cut Camp 18

Sloppy Sails Alone - Outtakes and Rarities from the Keep on Cruisin' Sessions.

Sloppy Sails Alone: Unearthed Outtakes, Demos, and Forgotten Sketches from Deep in the Archive Closets of Sand Dune Sound.

“When we released “Keep on Cruising” by Sloppy Joe and the Cruise, we were under the distinct impression that the album represented the sum total and entirety of the recorded output of Key West songwriter, Sloppy Joe Flappens.

However, upon it's release, we got an email out of the blue from Roger Adams, who, as it turns out, was actually present at the recording sessions. Roger was 19 at the time, and was both the assistant to, and son of, engineer and producer, “Swifty” Adams. (If this doesn't ring a bell, please pick up a copy of “Keep on Cruisin'” and read all about it in the enclosed zine. Or, email and Mike from the label will send you a pdf.).

Sloppy Sails Alone has been culled from these tapes and includes a free download of home demo versions of the entire Keep on Cruisin' album.

On white, lathe cut 12" vinyl
"Tequila Sunrise" filled Vinyl Ltd to 25 copies with Sand Dune Sound Ashtray! Made by Filled Record Master, Matt Ortt at Plastikat Deviations. Also comes in a heavy duty top-loader sleeve.

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Mila Webb - Lucky Nights 12" Pic Disc

Mila Webb - Lucky Nights 12" Lathe Cut Pic Disc in Sleeves Handmade by Mila!

I was so stoked when our buddies at Perpetual Doom approached us to co-release the vinyl for Mila Webb's "Lucky Nights" LP. As two story melody put it "Mila Webb weaves sly, psychedelic melodies into a ghostly folk palette in her new single “Lucky Nights.” Webb leans into the gentle swing of traditional folk here while employing a fresh, subversive twist. Her sound is reminiscent of Faye Webster, with the lyrical punch of Wolf Alice. The song is plainspoken, drifty, and unapologetically sentimental – all while a thread of longing runs through the track. “Everything has hunger and no one’s ever satisfied,” Webb sings. “Still I won’t forget the way it felt to have you on my side. You give me lucky nights.”"

Check out the video for the title track here:

Mila is the daughter of JImmy Webb, who wrote a ton of stone cold classics in the 60s-70s, (google him) and she definitely inherited his talent for lyricism.

Limited to 50 copies on one-sided 12" stenciled and painted Lathe Cut Vinyl. Each cover is handmade by Mila with a unique etching.

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$300 worth of PIAPTK for $100!

$300 worth of PIAPTK for only $100!

You know how it goes. We got back stock of badass records, but not money, so every once I need to move it along to a better home than cinder block shelves outside the bathroom at my new commercial space where I moved the label and the Lathe Cabe. So, we put together a big honkin stack of great records and tapes and sell them to you at a fraction (1/3rd to be exact) of the original price. Get a nice smattering of LPs, 10"s, 7"s, Lathe Cuts, Pressed Records, CD-Records, etc etc for obscenely cheap. I may even throw some rarities, archives, test pressings, MVR rarities, etc into the mix.

Some you definitely WON'T have, some you might, and those make great Xmas gifts for yr loved ones! Have you heard? VINYL IS COMING BACK. At least that is what every normie tells me when they come up to me while I cut records at festivals.

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Lathe Cut Camp #18 - Feb 25-27, 2023, Tucson, AZ

These have been selling out crazy fast. Great for everyone! No experience required! Cut your own music onto records! If you know, you know. If you don't, but wanna, check out

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Posted on December 7th, 2022