Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Every once in a while, we have a new, very expensive project looming, and don't 

have the cash to invest, and we are forced to dig deep into the PIAPTK Vaults 

and pull some of the rarities out of our personal archives. This time we dug deep, 

because we NEED funding. Tons of test pressings and long OOP releases, including 

some from my personal collection.  Click on the OOP/Test Pressings button to the left

Posted on June 1st, 2014
Soild Gold #1 is out!

You can now order Eric Slick's "Out of Habit" HERE ! It's an album of unique instrumental guitar songs. Eric has a music video online, and you can find out more about Mr. Slick here.

There are 200 LPs and 100 cassettes of "Out of Habit". The vinyls are see-through "inst-a-gold record" color and come with a cool poster. The cassettes are also "inst-a-gold" in color. 

The Soild Gold website is the only place you can get this record. Orders will be shipped when Dr. Dog comes home from tour, shortly after March 20th. 

Posted on February 19th, 2014
Night of the Living Fest - Live lathe cuts!

On Nov. 2nd, 2013, at Night of the Living Fest  in Tucson, AZ, bands will record live, stripped down and/or acoustic versions of 2-3 tunes inside the court room of an old West movie set at . After they record, their songs will be cut to order to square picture discs. As each artist records throughout the day, we will update the page for purchases of that song. These will only be available during the festival. Afterwards, this page will be taken down.

Some of the bands playing the festival (not all will be recording for the lathe project) are: Deerhoof, Meat Puppets, People Under the Stairs, Golden Boots, Bob Log III, Thee Satisfaction, Nobunny, Shannon and the Clams, White Mystery, Tweak Bird, Lenguas Largas, Pork Torta, Acorn Bcorn, Ranch Ghost, Cherie, Cherie, etc.

Posted on October 31st, 2013
Matt Hopper - The Gold Rush EP

Just in time for it's 10th Anniversary, PIAPTK is stoked to announce the impending release of Matt Hoppers fan-favorite, time-tested classic, The Gold Rush EP. It will be pressed onto 200 LPs with the original EP on one side and a new, full-band re-recording of the EP on the other. 

In order to raise the funds to release it, we are releasing a limited edition of 25 Clear vinyl, Gold Flake 10"s of the EP. For $50, you get the ltd ed Gold Flake version, a copy of the full pressed version when it comes out (spring-early summer 2014), digital downloads, and the self-satisfaction of knowing that you helped make the whole thing possible. 

Get it HERE:

Posted on October 25th, 2013
Wow. It's been 9 months... anybody have any kids I haven't heard about?

Hola Amigos, Been a while since I rapped at ya.  I think this is the quietest that’s it’s been in PIAPTKland since our inception 8 years ago. However, a lot has been going on behind the scenes here.  PIAPTK headquarters has relocated from the lush, green, meth-infested forests of Olympia, WA to the bright, sunny, desert paradise of Tucson, AZ.  I quit my job teaching high school in favor of cutting records full time through , and have been building up my personally-curated distro selection.  On top of that, we’ve got SEVEN new lathe cuts and a pressed LP available, and a ton in the works! So, down to business….

Amo Joy – ST LP

The new LP from Indianoplis pysch poppers, Amo Joy! A split release from 4 labels; PIAPTKWonderboxGutterth  and Gray Sky Micropress . All labels are run by dudes named Mike... no joke. Pick it up here:

From the band: Recording for this album began on a 4-track reel to reel in the spring of 2011 and was completed on a computer in the summer of 2012. All songs written by Adam Gross and Amo Joy. Recorded and mixed by Adam Gross and Steve Trowbridge in bedrooms and basements in Indianapolis, IN, though some trumpet parts were recorded in Spain. Mastered by Don Cobb and Eric Conn in Nashville, TN. This record is dedicated to our bassist, Paul Cobb, who passed away during the recording of this album. He will surely be missed, but his quiet genius will forever live on in his music and art. For more on Paul, his music, and his art visit:

We Got Cactus Tour Lathe Cuts:

The first week of October, 2013, Four bands from Tucson, Andrew Collberg, Acorn Bcorn, The Pork Torta, and Otherly Love, embarked on a 2 week tour of France. PIAPTK made them (and Golden Boots and Fur Family, whose members were touring withAndrew Collberg) some tour merch in the form of silkscreened 7" lathe cuts. Each one has a single color image with a fountain fill (multiple color gradient) making up the background and every record is a little bit different.

There were 75 of each made (100 of Golden Boots' first single from their upcoming untitled album, Traveling Strange), and the bands took 50 to France. Therefore, there are only 25 of each available in the US.

Each record comes with a download of ALL 6 songs in the series.

Golden Boots – Traveling Strange
Fur Family – Evil
Andrew Collberg  - Sun
Acorn Bcorn – Aben Benkev Bounce
The Pork Torta – SLR #2
Otherly Love – Rubbery Glove

Pick them up here:

Javier – Diamonds/Your Roman Nose 7” lathe cut

The new project from Jeremy Chatelain (Jets to Brazil/Cub Country/Handsome) features two new songs on black, square lathe cuts. They come in beautiful, band-made lino print covers.

Pick one up here:

Distro Items – 

Are all available here:

Wooden Wand – 3 Songs 7”
A new arrival from 25 Diamonds – 2 great new tunes, from my favorite Nu-Outlaw Country songwriter and yours, Wooden Wand. On colored vinyl and in hand-silkscreened covers, this 7” is limited to only 300 copies.

R. Stevie Moore – I Missed July 7”
An awesome 7” from Sweaters and Pearls (run by our friend, Jason Dean of
From the label:  When S&P asked R. Stevie Moore to choose two tracks for a 7” release he went back through his archives and selected two tracks separated by almost sixteen years. A-Side’s “I Missed July”, was originally released on his double album, Games & Groceries, recorded September 1978 in Montclair, NJ and the B-Side,“Traded My Heart For Your Parts” is from 1994’s release Unpopular Singer Vol. 1 & 2, also recorded in Montclair.

R. Stevie Moore – Glad Music LP
One of the standouts in an extremely prolific and impressive catalog, out on Personal Injury Records, we are excited to have a few in the distro store…

System and Station – ST LP - 
Portland’s RnR stalwarts, one of the best, catchiest, rock bands in the Northwest, releases their 5th album, “System and Station”.

Advance Base/Casiotone For The Painfully Alone

Advance Base – Our Cat 7”

Orindal Records' repressing of the Our Cat single that PIAPTK released a couple years back and which sold out in less than a week, and has since become one of our most sought after OOP releases. Now back in print, this time in glorious stereo with a bonus track, a cover of the feel-good Holiday tune, Christmas in Prison (by John Prine).

Advance Base – The World is in a Bad Fix Everywhere- a Four-song 7" tribute to Washington Phillips.

Washington Phillips only recorded eighteen songs during his short career as a professional recording artist, & only sixteen of those recordings exist today. Mystery surrounds Washington Phillips’ music, as there is no known documentation of how it was made. For many years, it was believed that he performed his songs on a tiny, piano-like instrument called a dolceola, but many scholars now believe that Phillips custom modified two celestaphones (archaic, zither-like instruments), which he played simultaneously in his own special tunings. The strange, angelic sounds of strummed & plucked strings that accompany Washington Phillips’ forlorn spirituals have made him a legendary figure in gospel & outsider music circles.

For The World Is In A Bad Fix Everywhere, Advance Base’s Owen Ashworthhas arranged a selection of Washington Phillips’ compositions for autoharp, piano, electric piano, drum machine & voice. Phillips’ unique, beautiful melodies & heartbreaking lyrics are a natural match for Ashworth’s raw, inventive production & doleful singing voice. Performed, recorded & mixed solely by Ashworth at his home in Chicago, Illinois, these tracks stretch the sound of Advance Base in new directions while paying tribute to one of Ashworth’s greatest influences. The World Is In A Bad Fix Everywhere showcases elements of gospel, psychedelic rock, traditional Americana, alt. country & lo-fi outsider art.

The World Is In A Bad Fix Everywhere was recently included in the Chicago Reader's Best of Chicago 2013 list.

Casiotone For the Painfully Alone – Live in Cambridge LP
The first official live album by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone!

From the label: In Cambridge was recorded on April 28, 2010 at the Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge, MA, at the tail end of the only Casiotone for the Painfully Alone tour to feature a six-piece band (featuring members of Magical Beautiful & The Dead Science). Drawing heavily from Casiotone for the Painfully Alone's two most beloved albums, Etiquette & Vs. Children, In Cambridge brings fourteen classic songs to life with pianos, organs, horns, guitars, live drums & percussion.

In Cambridge is an awesome document of a short-lived live incarnation of Owen Ashworth's often solo, electronic, lo-fi pop songwriting project – featuring the fullest, most bombastic arrangements of these songs that were ever recorded.

K Records Distro –We also still have a handful of records from K records in the distro shop from Calvin Johnson,Halo Benders, Microphones, Electric Sunset, and Karl Blau.

Electricity and Lust Distro: Former PIAPTK intern, Mike Dellinger founded this excellent label and we have some of their stuff back in the store. If you love harmonies and excellent songwriting, you should just buy their whole catalog. Releases from Firs of Prey, The Ocean Floor, Polka Dot Dot Dot, and Jordan O'Jordan. 

If you are still reading this… thank you so much!  We have a lot on the horizon, and I promise that it will not be nearly as long between communiqués.  There is an awful lot of exciting stuff on the horizon, so you will be hearing from me sooner than later. 

Feel free to get in touch and let me know how you are doing!  

Posted on October 22nd, 2013