Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ
Floating Action - Heartache Essentials & Hickeyfest Discs - Graves, Sugar Candy, Blank Tapes, Veronica Bianqui

Hey! I just got back from Nepal, made it to Everest Basecamp, had a great time, didn't die, and I now have the calves of a 23 year old minor league soccer player.

By the time this email Robo-Sends to you, I will be en route to Leggett, CA for Sugar Candy Mountain's yearly camping festival, to see SCM, Graves, Blank Tapes, Veronica Bianqui, Assateague, and a ton of of other great bands. I will also be taking a lathe out there to cut some exclusive singles for some of the bands, and will be selling them, made to order, only available for the next three days.

1) Floating Action - Heartache Essentials LP!
2) Hickeyfest Singles (ONLY available for 72 hours!!!)
3) Folktale Records Gone Out of Business Blowout
4) Lathe Cut Camp anyone?


Seth Kaufman, the one-man band of studio/live show secret weapon and hero of everybody from Indie superstars My Morning Jacket, Angel Olsen and Dr Dog to Major Label Arena Rockers like The Black Keys, Lana Del Rey and Ray Lamontagne is back at ya with a surprise new album.

Heartache Essentials picks up where Is It Exquisite left off, in that it's a fucking amazing album. Its got a silky smooth classic soul influence and is chock full of songs about Heartache. Essential.

A Co-release with our buddies at Almost Halloween Time (we are selling their American copies), and IPreferPi (who will be doing a variant that will most definitely be interesting...)

This is the Fourth LP we've released from Floating Action, and they've all sold out in less than a week, and like the rest, it's a one-time pressing.

--Signed Test Pressing - Black Vinyl Test Pressing (only 10 made), All SIGNED by Seth!
--Transition/Pressman's Choice Vinyl w/ Bonus Lathe Cut- Ltd Ed of 100, Includes a Bonus "Tears of the Hairy Man" Shaped 7" with the unreleased track "Bauxite is the Underdog" When the plant switches colors, it takes a while for each color to completely run through the extruder, so I ask Cash at Kindercore Record Pressing to play around and throw in some other colors to get some unique and unusual colors.
--Ice Blue Vinyl - Ltd Ed of 100
--Almost Halloween Time LP - Unique Handpainted covers (black vinyl). If you don't know about AHT, look them up ( Luigi does unique oil painted covers with hand lettered track listings for each record. They are always unbelieveable. THESE WILL TAKE A WHILE TO SHIP. It takes some time for Luigi to get them finished because they are so labor intensive.
--Standard Black




This weekend, I will be in Legget, CA at Hickey Fest, the "Coachella on Quaaludes" music fest run by Sugar Candy Mountain, and featuring a ton of bands that we've worked with over the years and/or friends of ours.
Hickeyfest is a tiny camping festival in Leggett, CA that happens this weekend and is thrown/curated by Sugar Candy Mountain. Many of the artists are bands we've worked with.

I'll be taking a lathe out there and doing on-site cutting of exclusive tracks from some of the bands that will only be available at the festival, or through this site for three days only!

On silkscreened and psychedelic swirled picture discs.

Available Discs:
Sugar Candy Mountain - The Night is So Long
Graves - Waterfall
Assateague - Oceanside
The Blank Tapes - Big Ol Wave
TV Mike and the Scarecrowes - Patience
King Dream - Echo Chamber
Veronica Bianqui - Shame on You
Bill Baird - Eat The Lawn
Night Heron - What Do You See




GET 15 Items for $19.99!

Folktale Records was a kindred spirit of our based in Los Angeles. We co-released the Anni Rossi/Whitman split with them almost a decade ago.

Christopher Payne, who ran Folktale and recorded under the name Whitman, decided to shut Folktale down, get rid of everything and move to Austin. A few months ago, he loaded up my car to the ceiling with Folktale stock, because otherwise it was going to the dump. And these are quality records that deserve loving homes. Most are in hand-silkscreened sleeves.

We are throwing in Folktale releases with most purchases, but, if you want something specific, or just want to bulk up your collection in a hurry by buying the Folktale Starter Pack, we are selling them SUPER CHEAP.

Folktale Starter Pack: 5x LPs, 1x 10", 2x7"s, 1x5", 4xCDs, 2xCassettes - 15 items for $19.99!
Whitman – White Sunrise LP
Whitman – I'll be Waiting LP
Whitman – Dog Rose Gall LP
Whitman – Recovering Darkness LP
No Paws (No Lions) LP
Anni Rossi / Whitman 10”
Whitman/No Babies 5”
Whitman – I'll Be Waiting CD
Whitman – My Heart is an Anchor CD
Whitman – Dust Unsettled CD
Whitman – Dog Rose Gall CD
Foot Ox 7”
Ezra Buchla / Whitman 7”
VA – Smashed Summer Jams 2xCassette of covers by a ton of artists including Simon Joyner, R Stevie Moore, Carla Bozulich, Charlie McAlister, Amps for Christ, etc etc.



Is anybody interested in learning how to cut records? I've had a couple emails and am trying to schedule something for the fall. Sept or October are the perfect time to be in Tucson. If you are interested, reply to this email. I've also got some record lathes for sale.

Posted on June 14th, 2018
The Blank Tapes, Casey Golden, SM Wolf, etc

1. The Blank Tapes - Candy LP
2. S.M. Wolf - Bad Ocean LP
3. Casey Golden - This Time Around 7"
4. Upcoming LPs from Floating Action and Veronica Bianqui

1. The Blank Tapes - Candy LP

Any records purchased with this LP will be shipped whenever the records are in, which should be soonish.
This doesn't officially come out until July, but preorders will not only get INSTANT MP3 downloads, but we will also ship you your LP as soon as we get it, which could be any time in the next few weeks,

I LOVE the Blank Tapes. And Candy is probably one of the strongest records Matt Adams (who plays most of the instruments on recordings) has ever made. It was produced by Eric D. Johnson of Fruit Bats, and it's a serious sunbaked summer driving jam. I just drove from Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo up the Pacific Coast Highway in the MVR van blasting this thing, and it was a PLEAASAANNT experience. I don't smoke the weed, but Matt does, and if you do, "the drugs" pair nicely with this one.

There is a limited version on "unique transition and pressman's choice" vinyl, which is basically just when my friend Cash at the pressing plant throws in whatever colors he feels like at the moment to make a record unlike the rest of the batch. The Limited Version comes in a silkscreened cover with a glossy 8x10" that has been painted on by Matt. There are ten of each photo, but the rainbow he draws on them will all be unique.

Check some out at:

Here is the promo blurb:
THE BLANK TAPES is the moniker of Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist and producer, Matt Adams, who has produced over a dozen albums of 1960’s inspired folk-rock-surf-psych-soul-pop on Volcom, Burger Records, Antenna Farm, and many others. Their new album “Candy” was produced by Eric D Johnson (of The Fruit Bats) at his home studio in Portland, OR featuring bandmates Will Halsey of “Sugar Candy Mountain” & Veronica Bianqui as well as EDJ himself. The Blank Tapes have toured throughout America, Canada, Brazil, UK, Europe, & Japan. Matt is also the visual artist behind his band’s (and a slew of others) posters & album covers.

Pick One Up Here!

2. S.M. Wolf - Bad Ocean

Adam Gross is an old friend that I met when his old band, Amo Joy (who I've done a fair number of records for over the years) played at my day party at SXSW. He's also half of the duo that writes the songs for a toy called Edwin The Duck, who you've probably never heard of, unless you have a one year old. If you DO have a one year old, buy the little brat an Edwin the Duck. But anyway, he rules... as does his current project SM Wolf (who I've ALSO done several other releases for). Fun Fact: Adam and I once played in a wedding band together. Meaning that we ONCE played some songs by The Band in his basement when the real drummer for the Wedding Band couldn't be there.

Their new LP, Bad Ocean kicks power pop ass. If you like The Elephant Six Collective AND Weezer, you are gonna love this.

It is a co-release between PIAPTK and two of my favorite labels, Almost Halloween Time, and Ipreferpi. Almost Halloween Time is the crazy Italian who hand paints all of the covers with a unique, but themed oil painting. Who knows what he's doing with this one, but it will be incredible. IPreferpi almost feels like the label PIAPTK would still be if I wasn't out of town all the goddamn time. Steven has picked up the ridiculous ideas that I used to specialize in to make releases unique and blasted them into the stratosphere. I'm honestly jealous. But I digress.

The LP comes out at the end of May, but if you buy the preorder now, you get the full download of the record, PLUS a full download of demos for the record, AND you get the record shipped to you as soon as it lands in Tucson (any day now).

Check some out at:

Almost Halloween Time - Ltd Ed of 50 in hand painted covers, each unique
PIAPTK Version - Ltd Ed of 100 on white vinyl, with Bonus pic disc lathe cut of outtake "Rebel Sunrise", with a unique stencil design cut by Lindsey Schief (LAKE/Solid Home Life) and dip painted by my kid and her friend Jack (until they got bored and went off to do something else, leaving me to finish them alone and yell at them to keep the goddamn noise down. But I digress... again.
Ipreferpi Version - ltd ed of 100 on red vinyl. I have no idea what the hell Steven is gonna do, but it WILL be cool.
Baby Blue Vinyl - Ltd Ed of 300 for distribution, but we will have a few here.
Black Vinyl - you know. whatever.

Here is the Promo Blurb

S.M. Wolf is a psychedelic power-pop band based in Indianapolis and fronted by Adam Gross, an elementary school teacher by day. Initially forming as a solo recording project to commemorate the 2013 vernal equinox, S.M. Wolf quickly became a live with members Rachel Enneking, Ben Leslie, Melanie Rau, James Furness, and Bryan Unruh. The band initially released two EPs, a 7” on In Store Recordings and a cassette on Jurassic Pop.
The band’s first LP, Neon Debris, was co-released by both of their previous labels with the lead single being released on lathe-cut 7” by Joyful Noise Recordings. The album saw premiers on The Nerdist, Impose and My Old Kentucky Blog as well as a Daytrotter session. Neon Debris rounded out the year landing tracks on end-of-year playlists featured on Sub Pop and MOKB.

Following a single released on PIAPTK, S.M. Wolf toured both coasts while preparing for their second full length, Bad Ocean. On this record the band reaches deeper into the kitchen sink of musical instruments and presents lyrics that are more vulnerable and personal than on previous records while still maintaining the same fuzzed-out pop hooks that they're known for.

Pick One Up Here!

3. Casey Golden - This Time Around 7" and Euro Tour
Casey Golden is a good bud and singer songwriter in Tucson. He has a new LP coming out on Muscle Beach Records and is headed to Europe soon to start promoting it. He hired me to make him some tour 7"s, and I liked it so much, I decided to release it. We made 60 copies on marble painted vinyl (marble painting done by my 7 year old daughter, and she went wild this time). I've only got 25 copies to sell.

The single gets released digitally on 4/20/18, and I'm unfortunately not allowed to include the download or preview the song before that, but take my word...If you are into the hazey beach psych stuff I've been churning out lately, you will dig it. It's got Conor "Catfish" Gallaher (Tucson heavyweight who plays with everyone from Calexico to Pearl Charles) playing Hawaiian pedal steel all over it.

If you live in Europe, go see Casey and the boys at one of the dates below:

Pick One Up Here!

Posted on April 19th, 2018
NPR/Ted Talk, Sugar Candy Mountain, Pearl Charles, Dead Meadow

Things are predictably insane around the Lathe Cave. In the last month I cut records at Paisley Park for Justin Timberlake before his Super Bowl appearance, made a self-destructing record for Cumberland Caverns in Tennessee, and am now getting ready to drive to Vancouver to cut records for another big pop star that I can't name for a Mobile Vinyl Recorders gig. The day after the Vancouver gig, I fly from Seattle to Seoul, South Korea to install a record lathe in a boutique hotel with a studio. Then I fly back to Seattle, drive back to Tucson, and I'm home for a week before flying back to Asia to go on a month long trek in Nepal. Maybe I'm going to "find myself", maybe i'm going to get some perspective, maybe i'm going to take a non-working vacation, or maybe I'm just going to get out from behind my desk/out of the van and off my ass and get some exercise. But anyway, I'm going to Nepal to go hiking.

I've also got new Lps from SM Wolf and The Blank Tapes coming out very soon!

So blah, blah, blah, like always I could really use some cash to keep this whole disasterous excuse for an art project money pit afloat. SOOOO if you want to invest in some very affordable art from a lt of very talented masochistic starving artists, read on and whip out your credit cards... the whole world is going to explode this year anyway, so Visa can come retrieve the money from our cold nuke toasted hands, am i right?...

1. NPR's How I Built This
2. Sugar Candy Mountain - Do Right LP Preorder
3. Dead Meadow - hifi stereo diamond cut single
4. Pearl Charles - CD-Record

1. I'm featured on NPR/Ted Talks' "How I Built This"!

When you spend as much time on the road as Kris and I do, driving all over the country cutting vinyl records at parties, events, and festivals, you listen to a LOT of podcasts. And "How I Built This" is a perennial favorite in the MVR van, Morrison. So, I was obvious thrilled when they approached me about being feature on their "How You Built That" segment. I'm on the segment with wedding website, The Knot.

Listen to it here!

2. Sugar Candy Mountain - Do Right LP Preorder!

Any records purchased with this LP will be shipped whenever the SCM records are in, which should be around April 10thish.

Bay Area Co-Ed Psych-Pop Juggernaut, Sugar Candy Mountain, are following up their last album, 666, (PIAPTK's largest selling album ever) with another amazing banger, "Do Right".

Available in Ltd Ed "Blue Swirl" (300 copies), Ltd Ed Opaque Blue (500 Copies), Unlimited Translucent Purple, and Unlimited Black Vinyl.The bonus lathe cuts are on teardrop shape (Yung Hamesy, my assistant insists they are "alien head" shaped, and another friend insists they are "baseball field" shaped, so its an interesting Rorshach test about our personalities".

Don't Forget to pick up "666" and lead singer, Ash Reiter's solo record, Hola!

Spiel Below:
Part travelogue, part response to the current, turbulent climate, “Do Right” gives voice to the deeply nested anxiety of modern times attempting to offer a balm. Nature, it seems, is where the band often goes to calibrate it’s moral compass so frequently upended by the daily news-cycle. Sugar Candy Mountain invites you to join them on this journey singing “There’s a quiet place I go when I need to find my way/ There’s a quiet place inside/ Come on in just knock and a door will open”. Musically, the band remains rooted in 60’s and 70’s rock, with their signature honey sweet vocals. “Do Right” leans more heavily on synthesizer than the band’s previous records, lending the album a more modern feel. The album pairs the ephemeral orchestral arrangements of The Beach Boys with the pop sensibility of George Harrison on “All Things Must Pass”. Oscillating between the hazy psychedelic pop of Mild High Club, the driving energy of Dungen and the danceable familiarity of The Supremes, “Do Right” is a perfect cocktail of old and new, imploring the listener to take a ride into the sunset with Sugar Candy Mountain.

Pick them up here!

3. Dead Meadow - Here with the Hawk 7"

Dead Meadow has been one of my favorite bands since college, so I was beyond stoked when they approached me about collaborating and making some lathe cuts for their tour. They would hand-silkscreen the covers, and I would make the records. These are hi-fi stereo diamond cut lathe cuts, limited to 50 copies!

Side A: Here With The Hawk
Side B: Tomorrow Never Knows

Pick them up here!

4. Pearl Charles CD-Record

I first met Pearl Charles when she was the drummer/singer for The Blank Tapes, years AGO. But in the past few years, she has gone solo and made a name for herself as one of the best young songwriters out there, combining great lyricism with classic-sounding melodies. Sort of Fleetwood Mac meets Linda Ronstadt meets Joan Jett. or something. But totally amazing.

Pearl's contribution to the ongoing PIAPTK Cd-Record series is the demo for "Long Hair", a standout track from her new album, Sleepless Dreamer, out now on Kanine Records.

Pick them up here!

Posted on March 25th, 2018
Graves - Easy Not Easy Lp, Archives and Test Pressing Blow out

Well, over the years, PIAPTK goes through phases according to my interests at the time. Sometimes, I get really into making records out of plastic picnic plates with letterpressed covers. Sometimes I get really into making records out of CDs. Sometimes I want to make records with a bunch of weird holes and overlapping grooves. Sometimes I want to make records where the artists hand make the covers. PIAPTK has never come close to breaking even, financially, so I generally just do whatever I want to with it, all the time.
Recently, I've been in a lathe cut plexiglass single mood. But, now, we are entering a whole new era. Now I am in the mood to release a shit-ton of professionally pressed LPs. Which, as someone who prefers LPs to singles, is very exciting. But, as someone who has to pay the huge deposits, all at the same time, to get all these records pressed, it's pretty scary.
So, as usual, I need some cash, and I'm cleaning out the closets again to try to scratch up some cash to make some more wonderful physical musical pieces exist for a world who doesn't (as a whole) deserve them. But, you are here. And YOU deserve them.

1. Upcoming Releases
2. Graves - Easy Not Easy
3. Archives and Test Pressing Sale
4. Jim White Press

1. Upcoming Releases: We've got brand new LPs coming out for Sugar Candy Mountain, SM Wolf, The Blank Tapes, Golden Boots, and some other very exciting ones that we can't talk about yet.

2. Graves - Easy Not Easy LP 10th(ish) Anniversary Edish

First time on vinyl! Ships around March 1, 2018!

It is NOT hyperbole to say that Easy Not Easy is my second favorite album of all time. It is sexy, chill, vibey, subtle, melodic, beautiful and one of the best examples of indie rock songwriting to ever do in its' thing inside your eardrums.

If you are EVER going to take a chance on a record from PIAPTK, THIS IS IT. Go listen to the whole thing at Graves' bandcamp:

This is a co-release with two of my favorite labels: IpreferpI and Almost Halloween Time.

PIAPTK - "Beachwater Blue" with Bonus Lathe Cut 7" - LIMITED TO 100 - Blue and clear marbled vinyl plus bonus lathe cut single of a new tune
Almost Halloween Time - Handpainted Covers - If you aren't familiar with AHT, you should be. Every record is a unique, handmade oil painting by Luigi Fulgario. Absolutely gorgeous and ridiculous. We only have 25 copies of Luigi's versions available in the States. On black vinyl. PLEASE. NOTE: READ CAVEAT BELOW BEFORE ORDERING!
IpreferpI - Lime Green Vinyl (limited to 100) I know that they are still experimenting, but their variants are always great. Not sure what exactly it will come with.
Yellow Vinyl - Unlimited, but beautiful opaque banana yellow vinyl
Black Vinyl - Unlimited, but beautiful opaque, lunar eclipse black vinyl.
Test Pressing: Limited to 15. Comes in a plain white sleeve.


3. Archives and Test Pressing Super Sale

So, for every record that I make, I always try to keep at least 5 copies of each lathe cut and 10 copies of each pressed record for my archives. This assures that I won't oversell it, have replacements in case the USPS does what the USPS does best (loses/destroys a package), have a copy for a good friend who is a super fan, etc etc.

Every once in a while I clean out the archives to raise money (and clear out space). But it's hard to set prices sometimes because of Ebay/Discogs flippers. If I mark them up a little over original price, but below discogs/popsike selling prices to remove profit incentive from flippers, people that really want them think I'm gouging. If I sell them at original price, ebay/discogs flippers do what they do and the person who comes to this page 10 minutes too late, who really wanted to own the thing ends up either not getting it or has to pay an inflated price from the flipper.

That being said, this time around, I'm just selling these test pressings (many of which are expensive in secondary markets (Most have never been available at all and this is the first time anyone can get their hands on them) for the same price... $30.00. INCLUDING the crazy expensive Scott McMicken and other Soild Gold Test Pressings. However, to get the Scott McMicken stuff you have to email me personally via the contact form, after you've already checked out with your other purchases and convince me you aren't a flipper. If you've bought stuff from me before, tell me... I can just search through my sales.

UPDATE: I put this on Instagram for about 3 minutes and immediately wished I hadn't. I got flooded with folks, wanting In Your Dreams, and especially "IT". Everybody was PIAPTK's "biggest fan" (many had never bought much, if anything), and nobody was wanting to buy anything now except the Scottman LPs. So, maybe you'd better send me a photo of your PIAPTK and/or Dr Dog collection or something. And to be honest, if you haven't really bought much from PIAPTK in the past, and aren't buying anything in this batch, I would prefer to sell this stuff for super cheap to people who have and are. If you are broke, I get it. If Scott is the only thing on the label you like, I get it (but you have probably not actually checked out anything else on the label), but I don't have many of these, and they should go to people with more than a cursory interest in what we are trying to do here. It may take a day or two to get back to you. Much love, and all respect regardless.

If you ARE a flipper, let someone who actually wants to own it buy it... k?thx.bai

ARCHIVES OUT OF PRINT - More or less original price (Soild Gold $25 across the board, tapes $10)

Scott McMicken - It & In Your Dreams on LP and Tape (EMAIL REQUESTS ONLY)
Floating Action - Is It Exquisite - Color Vinyl Almost Halloween Time
Haboob - 1st Pressing Red Cover LP (no MP3s)
Kristofferson Tribute - 2xP Kickstarter Package - 2xLP Black Vinyl with Letterpressed Cover + Bonus Wooden Wand Flexi
Wooden Wand Born Bad 1st Press Silkscreened
Golden Boots - LABRYYYNTH
Golden Boots - DBXnSPF - 1st Pressing Handmade Covers
Grandaddy - Arm of Roger - The Ham and Its' Lily
King Gizzard - Lock Groove 7"
Poison Control Center - Picnic Plate Record

RSTVMO - Disembodied Poetics/Look,,,
RSTVMO - I know Them All/I love all the Girls
RSTVMO - A to the S/Actually...

HENRY ART GALLERY - 10" Silkscreened Lacquers (The event that launched Mobile Vinyl Recorders)
Eric D Johnson (Fruitbats) SIGNED
Grand Archives SIGNED
Joe Plummer (Built In Sun, Shins, Modest Mouse, etc) SIGNED

Scott McMicken - In Your Dreams LP (Email request only)
Scott McMicken - IT LP (Email Request Only)
Labryyynth (Golden Boots) LP
4 Way Split MW - Saturday Looks Good To Me/Emily Jane Powers/Impossible Shapes and Friends
Casper and the Cookies - Modern Silence 2xLP
Casper and the Cookies - Optimists Club LP
Mona Reels - VOL. 1 (Grey vinyl, only non-black vinyl made of this were Tests)
Southerly - Storyteller and the Gossip Columnist LP
Little Wings - Made it Rain LP
Lazer Zeppelin - American Derivative LP (maroon vinyl)
Floating Action - Research LP (no MP3 download)
Eric Slick - Out of Habit LP (No MP3 download)
Jeffrey Lewis - Outtakes LP (no MP3 Download)
Skrill Meadow - On Vacation LP (Blue Vinyl)
Wooden Wand - Born Bad (Various colored vinyl)
Anni Rossi/Whitman - Collab 10"
Sugar Candy Mountain - 666 Black Vinyl
Sugar Candy Mountain - 666 Maroon Vinyl
Graves / Norfolk and Western - Fleetwood's Hacks 10" (12"test)
Golden Boots - Coyote Deathbed Surprise/Ev
Floating Action - Is It Exquisite
American Monoxide - In Flight Mode LP
Wooden Wand - Archives 6XLP
Little Wings Be Gulls - Dead Ends - Black
Built In Sun LP
Little Wings -Be Gulls - Dead Ends Black or Maroon
Forest Fallows - At Home

RSTVMO / Billy Anderson Split 4
Grey Waves - VOID 6

4. Jim White - Waffles, Triangles, and Jesus Press Reviews!

According to the distributor, this great new Jim White record may be "charting" this week. I've finally made it to the big time, yall, and without having to grow out a pony tail. So, if you want to see why everybody is loving this record, read some of the reviews below:

Still have a few copies of the Waffles and Syrup vinyl left AVAILABLE HERE

Line of Best Fit Review
80% on Metascore
PopMatters 7/10
Allmusic 5/5
American Songwriter Magazine 4/5

Well, alright. I guess that's it until next time, which probably won't be too far in the future. ::shruggy dude in the blue shirt emoji::


Posted on February 17th, 2018
Jim White, Lathe Cut Camp, etc

1. Jim White - Waffles, Triangles, and Jesus 2xLP Preorder PLUS Bonus Demo lathecut!

Scratch another of my favorite artists off ye old PIAPTK bucket list. I fell in love with the music of Jim White in 2007 when I walked into a record store/head shop in Odessa, Tx and heard his at-that-time-new album, Drill a Hole In That Substrate and Tell Me What You See, playing over the PA. He's a former NYC Cab driver, European Male Model, Pro surfer, etc etc. The kind of guy who's backstory mythos is just a compliment to his amazing songwriting, rather than the entirety of his cultural appeal. Musically, he's extremely diverse, one song might be a tear jerker about a murder, while the next song ponders eternal questions like "What if Jesus Drove a Motorhome?". Sort of an angel-voiced Southern Gentleman Tom Waits.

He's released records on Luaka Bop (David Byrne's label), Yep Roc, etc. Huge Indie Rock Americana stalwart labels.... and now for some reason that I don't fully understand, he's agreed to let PIAPTK release his new one, Waffle, Triangles, and Jesus.

There are only 150 copies on WAFFLES AND SYRUP colored vinyl, and the only place to get them is PIAPTK or from Jim himself. We have 100 to sell online and he has 50 to sell at shows. INCLUDES VINYL ONLY BONUS TRACK!

PREORDER BONUS: Also available only until the release date of Feb. 2, you can get a bonus lathe cut 7" with the 1994 home recorded four-track demo of "Wash A World Away"... a song that was written 23 years ago, but didn't get a proper recording and release until 2018!

Will arrive before release date. Includes a digital download card


2. Lathe Cut Camp 7: March 3-5. 2018.



March 3,4,5th, 2017 (Sat March3 and Sunday March 4th are the most important days, the 5th is just additional practice and cutting of attendees records, in case you have to leave early)

Spend three days in scenic Tucson, AZ learning (almost) everything you need to know about DIY Record Cutting! The focus of this camp will be on mono "semi-professional" machines, with particular focus on Presto 6Ns, which are one of the most common and affordable vintage machines around. You can do some amazing things with these incredible machines, and I will show you how. Bring your own music and we will put it onto discs for you to take home. We will touch on professional record mastering/pressing, but my main interest and experience, and the focus of this camp, will be on the more DIY and experimental side of the hobby. There are only 7 spots available, so buy early because every previous camp has sold out!

Perfect if you are interested in:
Vinyl records and how their masters are cut
Learning how this strange black art works
Buying a lathe to make your own records
Ordering lathe cuts from a lathe cut service
Cutting your own music to disc

Topics covered:
The science behind vinyl record cutting
Lathe Operations and equipment
The pressing process
Lacquer dub plate cutting
Experimental and alternative materials (plexiglass, laserdiscs, picnic plates, etc)

Please Note: You are responsible for your own transportation to/from Tucson and your accommodations. However, the hotels here are pretty damn cheap (DO NOT book a hotel on Oracle Rd unless you enjoy the company of tweekers and ladies of the night).

RENTAL ROOOMS AVAILABLE: And, if you want, I've got a cute mid-mod casita mother in law next to my house that I rent on airbnb, that can be yours for the whole stay (you can come in Friday night and stay until Tuesday, or longer if you want) for $200.

You can also stay in one of the bedrooms of my kitschy, quirky midmod house for $125 (each bedroom sleeps at least 2, so if you are coming with a friend/partner, just buy one bedroom for the both of you). There may be other people staying in the other bedrooms, so you will share a bathroom and a common space. Rooms available: MASTER BEDROOM (one full size bed, and your own bathroom), CREEPY OLD MAN ROOM (one full, one twin, and lots of paintings of creepy old dudes), PINK ROOM: One queen, one twin, pink and blue stripes.

About the Presenter: For more info on me, please visit the About page of this site.


3. Penpal Update

I know I've been an awful penpal. I got 25ish penpal packages months ago, and have been out of town/the country almost the entire time. That being said, all of the packages are sitting unopened, in a box just waiting for me to open them and write replies. The records are done and ready, and I THINK you will find them worth the wait. It is a split 7" on Baseball Field shaped vinyl from two artists that will be well known to PIAPTK fans, one of which is a "reunion" of sorts. Both artists requested that their involvement not be announce formally, but you will have NO problem recognizing them when you receive them. Also, each cover is different. Each one features a photo that was found almost 20 years ago in the wall of a garage that my friend drove his car through. It was a box of stained and weathered large format negatives that I scanned in, color inverted, and forgot about. Now, they've been given new life as part of his project and each cover will be picked out especially for you.

I am hoping to get these replies mailed out soon. Thanks for your patience!

4. Post Inventory OOP Drag Out of Previously Sold-Out Records..

Every year we have to do inventory, and that usually means finding extra copies of things that we didn't sell at the time in order to save copies for post office mishaps, defective products, etc etc. Also, in the case of the King Gizzard record, there were a couple people who tried to buy 5-10 copies, whose orders we canceled or scaled back.

So, there are now super scarce copies of KGATLW, Devendra, Tara Jane ONeil, Floating Action, Willis Earl Beal, etc. At some point we will be digging out more rarities and test pressings.


5. New Site Coming One of the Days!

I, more than anyone, realize how crappy my website is. I've migrated most of it over to a Shopify account, and will hopefully one of these days put the finishing touches on it so it can be launched... but, I'm never in town to finish it, and I'm really sorry about that. In the meantime, if you have problems, please keep emailing me at

Posted on January 23rd, 2018