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Lathe Cut Camp!

Lathe Cut Camp, Skrill Meadow!!

Greetings from Dunedin, New Zealand! I stayed on Mount Cook a couple days ago with a legit Nepalese Sherpa (who has summited Everest multiple times) who invited me to go on a month long trek in Nepal in May to help rebuild a Buddhist Monastery damaged in the earthquake a couple years ago. No joke. And, as is my motto, I said "Fuck it. Why not?". But that means another month of spending/not making money, which means I've got to get back in the quarry in the meantime and scratch up some cash.

So... here comes another lathe cut camp!! This will be the fourth Lathe Cut Camp, and all of them have sold out in the past. So, if you have any interest in how these things are made, or in making them yourself, please come out and hang with me in Tucson for a few days!

Also, I thought it would be a GREAT idea to launch the amazing new Skrill Meadow LP along with the Scott McMicken record. "Lots of people will read that email" I told myself. Well, lots of people read that email, but everybody was in such a goddamn hurry to snap up In Your Dreams, that everybody pulled a Trump voter on themselves and went against their own best interest by completely ignoring anything on the site or email not related to Scottman.

Please for the love of everything holy, check out the amazing new Skrill Meadow Lp, Lost On Vacation. You don't have to buy it, but give it a gander at least!!

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Posted on January 23rd, 2017