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Oblivians/Reigning Sound, Spaceface, Casey Golden, more archives, Holiday Valu-Paks, More Nau Ltd Ed!

Halloween 2019 marked the 13th bday of PIAPTK. PIAPTK is finally officially that obnoxious teenager with it's hands in my pocket that it always acted like it was. So, if you haven't gotten us a Bar Mitzvah or Quincienera gift, its' probably because we are not Jewish, nor a hispanic young lady, but we do still accept gifts. The best of those gifts is to give yourself the gift of new PIAPTK stuff.

Also, Black Friday and Xmas are coming up. Before you get broke elsewhere, I'm just trying to get a little of that holiday cash burning a hole in yr pocket... so here it goes....

This time:
1) Greg Cartwright (Reigning Sound/Oblivians) Instant Merch Machine
2) Spaceface - Snowflake Pic Disc lathe cut 7" - Xmas Tune!
3) Casey Golden - II LP
4) More Archives and JNR Archives added!
5) Holiday Valu-Paks! - High quality Cut-Rate Gifts for your friends, families, and yourself!
6) More sold-out Michael Nau Deluxe Edition (and special "Jellybean" colored vinyl) back

Greg Cartwright (Oblivians/Reigning Sound) Instant Merch Machine! - The lead singer for Oblivians and Reigning Sound stopped in Tucson on an Oblivians tour and handmade some sleeves for 80 IMM discs featuring the song "You Better Behave (live on KXCI). Each cover is unique and hand drawn by Greg! Ltd ed of 80 copies, and we only have 35 for sale!

Listen to it on Soundcloud!

Spaceface - Xmas Party (Nice & Naughty) Stenciled Pic Disc 7"

Spaceface has a tradition of recording a xmas tune each year, and this time, it actually got done in time (barely) to make some lathe cuts! These are snowflake stenciled round 7"s with a full color back insert in heavy duty pic disc sleeves.

Ltd hand-numbered edition of 68 copies.

Listen to it on Soundcloud!


Casey Golden - II Lp

Casey Golden was one of my favorite Tucson songwriters before he moved to LA. And now he is one of my favorite LA songwriters!

Recorded on a day off in Cologne, Germany during a European tour in 2018, Casey Golden’s II is a true snapshot into an artist's life during a period of transformation - one that showcases Golden’s most personal work to date. Backed up by his “dream” band, Connor Gallaher (Calexico), Andrew Collburg (Howe Gelb), and Grant Beyschau (The Myrrors), the album incorporates textures reminiscent of Alice Coltrane, fuzed out psych freakouts that nod to the Tropicalia movement, and an emphasis on harmony and melodic turnaround that could only be taught by such pop masterminds as Margo Guryan and Burt Bacharach, who weren't afraid of using big emotional language when writing about love. This isn't entirely a hark back to the past however, its Golden’s voice - an angelic whisper that pops straight out of the speakers and feels like a pillow where you can lay your head for the night. It’s an introverts venture into the real world of 2019.

Listen to it on Soundcloud!


More PIAPTK and JNR Archives added! As I continue to clean out the studio, I continue to find more stuff to add to the Archives at Original prices page and the JNR Archives page. Long out of print stuff from Scott McMicken, Flaming Lips, Dr Dog, RSTVMO, Golden Boots, Sugar Candy Mountain, Devendra Banhart, Melvins, Built To Spill, Surfer Blood, Why?, Kishi Bashi, Godspeed YBE, Of Montreal, Jad Fair, etc.


PIAPTK Holiday Valu-Paks!- High Quality Cut-Rate Gifts for your friends, family, and yourself!

PIAPTK Starter Pak Lite - $100
8 LPs, 5 pressed 7"s, 2 CD-Records, and 2 Lathe Cuts
This is just a random assortment of good stuff we've released over the years. Guaranteed value of over $250.

PIAPTK Starter Pak Heavy - $200
16 LPs, 8 pressed 7"s or 10"s, 5 CD-Records, and 6 Lathe Cuts. This is just a random assortment of good stuff we've released over the yearsGuaranteed value of over $500.

PIAPTK In Print Load Up - $500
One copy of everything we have in print, Lps, Pressed 7"s, lathe cuts, CD-Records, whatever. I didn't even bother doing the math on all of it, but my guess is that it's well over $1500. I'll probably even dig into the archives and throw down some sweetness if for some reason it doesn't look like a good enough deal to me to me when I'm packing it up.

Cassette Pak 13 Tapes (including out of print Scottman "In Your Dreams!") $55
One of every tape we have in print, PLUS the Scottman In Your Dreams, which highly desired and long gone. You get:
PIAPTK - Forest Fallows - At Home, Golden Boots - Labryyynth, Golden Boots - Telelog Freedom, Devin James Fry - Headwater Songs, Orkestra Mendoza - Vamos A Guarachar, Reptar - Lurid Glow, American Monoxide/White Light split,
Soild Gold - Scottman - In your Dreams, Grandaddy - Arm of Roger, Jeffrey Lewis - Outtakes, Floating Action - Research, Be Gulls - Dead Giveaway, Eric Slick - Out of Habit.

Lathe Cut Single Pak - 20+ Lathe Cut Singles for $100
We have a ton of amazing, random lathe cuts that we've put out over the years. CD-Records, shaped records, hand painted ones, all kinds of weird shit. With this pack you will get over $225 worth of lathe cuts for $100. Randomness, but a good selection an13d cross section of what we've released. Might even throw in some out of print archive copies.


Michael Nau - a few more Less Ready To Go Deluxe Edition 2xLP Released, along with some super limited Jellybean" vinyl editions! - These sold out in a couple days. I always undersell new preorder releases just in case there is an under-run from the pressing plant, the USPS damages some, etc. In this case, neither happened, AND my buddy at the pressing plant made about 20 copies of both LPs on random "jellybean" colors, just for giggles. I personally, prefer the classic, matching, white vinyl version, but if you like them colors, or just want the rarest variant, I guess this is it.


Posted on November 21st, 2019