Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Archives at Original Prices

So, for every record that I make, I always try to keep at least 5 copies of each lathe cut and 10 copies of each pressed record for my archives. This assures that I won't oversell it, have replacements in case the USPS does what the USPS does best (loses/destroys a package), have a copy for a good friend who is a super fan, etc etc.

Every once in a while I clean out the archives to raise money (and clear out space). But it's hard to set prices sometimes because of Ebay/Discogs flippers. If I mark them up a little over original price, but below discogs/popsike selling prices to remove profit incentive from flippers, people that really want them think I'm gouging. If I sell them at original price, ebay/discogs flippers do what they do and the person who comes to this page 10 minutes too late, who really wanted to own the thing ends up either not getting it or has to pay an inflated price.

Floating Action - Is It Exquisite - Color Vinyl Almost Halloween Time
Haboob - 1st Pressing Red Cover LP (no MP3s)
Kristofferson Tribute - 2xP Kickstarter Package - 2xLP Black Vinyl with Letterpressed Cover
Golden Boots - LABRYYYNTH
Golden Boots - DBXnSPF - 1st Pressing Handmade Covers
|Golden Boots - Winter of Our Discotheque
Grandaddy - Arm of Roger - The Ham and Its' Lily
Floating Action - Hold Your Fire 2xLP
Scott McMicken - In Your Dreams LP


RSTVMO - Disembodied Poetics/Look,,,
RSTVMO - I know Them All/I love all the Girls
RSTVMO - A to the S/Actually...

-Records Digest 4x5" in hand bound book (Southerly, Graves, Golden Boots, Turner Cody)
-Michael Nau - Europe Tour 2017 Set in silkscreened sleeve with 2 bonus live discs (only available with the set)
-Briana Marela - I Don't Belong to You 7" with B side that plays inside out
-Advance Base & Hello Shark 7"
-Devendra Banhart - Nils Frohm and GG Masin Remixes 8"
-Will Johnson - Murder (of the Dance) 7"
-Spaceface Instant Merch Machine Handmade covers - Radiator Remix
-SM Wolf - Instant MErch Machine Handmade Cover - Warhorse

Hickeyfest HF Live Discs: Bill Baird, Graves, Veronica Bianqui
Hickeyfest HF Studio Discs - Sugar Candy Mountain, Graves, Bill Baird,