Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ
New Floating Action LP, Wooden Wand Reissues, Be My Penpal, etc.

It is about to slow down some for us in PIAPTK land, as I stop taking on new projects for a bit of respite from banging my head against the rock/hard place that is running a labor intensive DIY label for weirdos and miscreant songwriters.

But, in the mean time, here are the last couple of things we have trickling out of the soft psych folk pipeline.

1. New Floating Action LP, Is It Exquisite? preorder!
2. Wooden Wand Archives LPs reissued!
4. Record Lathes for sale!
5. Let me know if you have interest in a fall Lathe Cut Camp.

1. Floating Action - Is It Exquisite LP Preorder!

Seth Kaufman is the brains and heart behind the one-man-band, Floating Action. Much like our generation's Harry Nilsson, Seth has played/toured/produced/collaborated and counts amongst his fans some of modern music's biggest acts: My Morning Jacket, Lana Del Rey, Angel Olsen, the Black Keys, Dr Dog, Band of Horses, Ray LaMontagne, etc.
We had the pleasure of releasing his last album, 2016's "Hold Your Fire", and 2007's "Research", and they all sold out in a few days. We expect the first pressing of Is It Exquisite to do the same! First 200 on colored vinyl and rest on black,. Preorders from all labels also include a 12x18" poster!

Listen to the first single, Don't Desert Me, here

Is It Exquisite is being issued on vinyl by a Co-Op of like-minded record labels: PIAPTK, OK Recordings, Almost Halloween Time, Baby Gas Mask Records, and Ipreferpi Recordings.

The PIAPTK preorder will include a PREORDER ONLY (not available after the release date) promo DIY dart board! They are still being made, so pics will come soon. The first 35 copies preordered from each label will be on COLORED VINYL!

PIAPTK is also thrilled to be the US Distributor for the Almost Halloween Time versions, which come in unique oil painting covers. AHT hand paints beautiful covers that are all unique but which play on a theme. We only have 50 available!

Includes Digital Download Card.


2. Wooden Wand Archives LPs Reissued!

In anticipation of the upcoming furtherance of our curatorial Archives series with Wooden Wand, we are reissuing the individual albums from the LONG sold-out Archives Wooden Box Set! With new covers, all hand-silkscreened, these incredible albums will be limited to 100 hand numbered copies each!

Hard Bargains – The more “rocking” Toth tunes, mostly full band style recording with a heavier groove to it.

Roadside Peaches – The lesser seen Toth song-type... the sincere, sweet, love songs.

Visiting Hours and Other Missteps - Full of the more Downer-type tunes. But don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of giggle-worthy moments despite the somber tone. A good disc for fans of Born Bad.

Get Right With The Goddess – A really good mixed bag of mostly acoustic tunes.

Preparing An Audience - Much like Tom Waits, Wand often writes tunes from the perspective of a character. Whereas Waits’ protagonist is a down-on-his-luck, hard living, skid row bum, Toth’s is more of a self-loathing, hard living, smarmy Southern jerk. This disc compiles some of the best tunes from that perspective.

Five Alive / First Songs – A collection of the lower-fidelity tunes, many of which are very old, and give a really good glimpse into a little different Wand than you are used to. Runs the gamut of recording type and vocal style.

Because James didn't want these albums out into the digital world, each purchase includes a one album digital sampler of tunes from all of the archives albums.


3. Lathe Cut Camp 6! Oct. 21-23, 2017

We just finished up the sold-out Lathe Cut Camp 5, and I'm already getting a ton of emails about doing it again, so, here is the next installment. Oct 21-23 (Sat-Mon). Sat and Sun are the most important days, so if you have to leave early, you can. Sunday is just cutting records for people to take home.

Lathe Cut Camp is aimed at total newbies who are interested in learning about the black art of record cutting, or who might want to invest in a lathe of their own.

October is a great time to be in Tucson!

Buy a spot and learn more here!

4. Record Lathes For Sale!

I've been buying, selling, collecting, using and repairing vintage mono record lathes for almost a decade now. And the time has come again to start thinning the herd down in the lathe cave. If you are interested in subjecting yourself to the joys and frustrations of cutting your own records, I've got a lot of different options of machines that will be available. Shoot me an email LATHECUTS///AHT///Yahoooooo????Dawt?????Cawm with your phone number and we will chat about what you are wanting to do and I can give you the options that would best suit your needs.

Posted on July 27th, 2017