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UPDATE on American Monoxide Web Content Preorders!

American Monoxide – Web Content FINALLY here!

Well, we know you’ve waited forever, but the LPs have finally arrived for American Monoxide’s Electro-Pop opus, Web Content. In case you haven’t heard, the pressing industry is totally awful these days. Missed deadlines, broken promises, no communication, etc. And it happens with almost every plant. We had to rush the preorders due to a PR campaign (which fell a little flat, due in no small part to the fact that none of the records were ready.) and then we left everyone hanging because WE were hanging. PIAPTKville was a sad place for a while. That is one large reason that PIAPTK usually sticks to lathe cuts, because we can control everything in the process. But I digress…

The LPs are here, they look/sound great, and they will be shipping out ASAP!

In case you haven’t ordered one yet, I wanted to introduce you to all the variants from all the labels. Dimitri and I handpicked these labels because we love them all and they all put together something unique for the release, and they are available in a variety of price points.

Check out a couple tunes from the album here:


1) PIAPTK – Ltd Ed unique “psychedelic letter” lathe cut. – I’m really happy with how these turned out. Each disc was swirl painted into the shape of one of the letters of “American Monoxide Robot Walk PIAPTK”. There were two sets of the title made. Then, one of each letter was scanned in and used to generate the cover art, which was printed directly onto the 7” cardboard sleeve. Only 50 copies made.


2) Soild Gold – Per the Soild Gold usual, these are just Dimitri and I fucking around at the local Office Max making weird, blown out, shitty-as-possible-looking bootleg style covers. Includes a crappy looking poster (AND the pro-printed standard LP sleeve). And to further the Giving-Lots-Of-Fucks-About-Looking-Like-We-Give-Zero-Fucks vibe that we strive for at Soild Gold, we reused all the bad Forest Fallows LPs rather than throwing them away.


3) Almost Halloween Time – Unique Oil Paintings - My love and admiration for this label cannot be understated. Each of this labels' releases comes in a UNIQUE, HAND PAINTED cover with hand written track and album info. And these are not just some quick thrown together paintings, these are frame worthy art. Luigi is unbelieveable, and each one is a different variation on a theme. You should buy their entire discography RIGHT NOW.


4) Lazy Boy Recordings – Private Browser Variant - This label was a wild card. I didn’t know them that well when they came on board, and they are relatively new, but DAMN, did they knock it out of the park with their variant on this one.

Their description: Web Content Interactive "Private Browser" variant; concept cover and interactive insert(s). The inserts- housed in a old school cpu floppy disk, which in return is housed in a old school CPU album cover... are a locked file containing the lyrics and hand drawn fly artwork. You will have to align the 5 transparent sheets at the proper angles to unlock the art. Once the art is revealed you can now unlock the binary code revealing the lyrics to web content once you've jumped through a few more hoops. All artwork is screen printed, graphically designed, hand drawn, hand made items fastened together by a number of talented artists. This is a piece that you really have to see to believe.

BUY IT HERE (coming soon)

5) Baby Gas Mask Recordings - The Baby Gas Mask Records edition of the LP comes housed in a vintage heavy-duty plastic library sleeve, with an exclusive cassingle featuring 2 album tracks and 3(!!!) exclusive tracks slipped into the card catalog pocket. All of the cassette labels are uniquely hand-colored!


6) Wooden Tooth Records – Includes a Cassette single with bonus track, "Circuit Board Snowman," in a handmade DIY O Card.


7) Hocus Bogus Records – They haven't quite gotten theirs finished yet, but their stuff always looks rad, so take a chance and pick this one up! The Hocus bogus zine is a zine/record hybrid book. The zine contains pages filled with art and articles while the cover of the zine is a semi flexi lathe cut record, allowing the entire book to be played on a turntable! Anything but bogus.


8) Web Content – Dimitri's "Manger's (sic) Special" Bundle – Includes LP Version of Web Content and In Flight Mode plus an American Monoxide “Selfie Design” Tote Bag (Limited to 10 available) Can probably get it autographed if you are in to that kind of thing. Just put a note in the bandcamp checkout.


Posted on September 13th, 2016