Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

On Halloween of 2016 PIAPTK will turn 10 years old. By that time, I'm guessing we will have close to 250 releases.

In honor of that, and as a present to myself, I'm making a Vanity Coffee Table Book! The book will include images and anecdotes for EVERY SINGLE RELEASE that PIAPTK, Soild Gold, The IVL, and probably a few other weird ancillary projects that even the most diehard PIAPTK followers (if there are any) don't even know exist.

Every PIAPTK release has a story. Blood, Sweat, and Beers/Tears/Jeers went into each and every record I've released. Most of them involve waiting on pressing plants, serendipity, random coincidences, garage sales/thrift stores, having to correct (my own) fuckups, taking those fuckups and turning them into new ideas, steep learning curves, telling myself that PIAPTK has run it's course and needs to end and then immediately finding a project I can't pass up.

I need your help to make this happen. I am notoriously horrible about keeping good records of my .... ummm...records. I've tried to keep at least a few of each release, but many of them, especially in the early days, had unique covers, and at best, I have crappy cell phone photos of them.

What can you do? If you have some of these releases (see list below), and would be willing to take nice, square, well lit photos of them (or even better, scan them or take them to a copy/print shop and have them scanned), I will give you: 1) eternal gratitude, 2) Credit in the book, and 3) a free copy of the PDF/Ebook and/or a printed version of the book at actual cost.

Here is what I need to get good scans of:
Golden Boots Handmade LPs
Golden Boots – Burning Brain Collage LPs
191-Globelamp- ShaLaLove 7”
178- Anthony Junior – Magical Evening With 12” Lathe Cut
164 – Grey Waves – Faith/Void 7”
159- LABRYYYNTH – Wrecking Ball (Alt Vers) Lathe Cut
95-Meowtain – Hex/Piggybackrider
83. Viking Moses/Joey DeMarco – Hand painted Covers
73. Amo Joy! Across Nichthemeron 2x8” book
69. Wckr Spgt – Today I Saw Turtles 5x7” flexi
63. Amo Joy - "Straight To Plate" Live to Lathe Picnic Plate 7"
52. Lazer Zeppelin – Highway Hypnosis 12’ Lazerdisc
48. Arrington deDionysio – Unique Lathe Cuts
43. Arrington deDionysio ‘s Malikat Dan Singa Lathe Cut 7”
37. Golden Ghost – Unimaginative Body LPs
31. New Science Projects
14. Casper and the Cookies/Keith John Adams Split Faux Pic Disc 8”
04. Viking Moses – Lands of the Pink

Do you have any of these? Please send me a quick cell phone shot of the handmade covers you have. I will probably put 3-8 images of each handmade record into the book. Some of them are more unique than others. If your covers are the ones I'm looking for, I will PAY for you to take them and get them scanned professionally if you don't have a scanner.

Also looking for customer quotes/stories/anecdotes/one off promo things, etc. Throughout the years, I've interacted with a lot of you. I've sent out weird random shit in packages. Do you have any kind of strange photos or items that I've sent you that are meaningful in some way? Or anything else that you would like to say? I'd love to hear about it and include it in the book.

Want to Sell some oldies? As I went through my archives I realized that there are some records that I either have zero or only one copy of, and I would REALLY like to buy some back from people who no longer want them. Here is what I need:

Golden Ghost: Unimaginative Body
Viking Moses/Joey DeMarco Pic Disc
Miniature and PResidential - LP
New Science Projects 8"
Viking Moses/Joey Demarco Hand made sleeve 7"
Tender Forever/Angelo Spencer Heart Shaped discs

Please email me anything that you think might be interesting toPIAPTKBOOK@YAHOO.COM!

Posted on July 3rd, 2016