Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ
Saqqara Mastabas, American Monoxide, Upcoming Releases, HSBDC Concession....

Well, a lot has happened recently. And a lot is coming up. PIAPTK has always been a passion project and has never broken even (let alone turned a profit), but if you enjoy the weirdness that is what we do, we would really appreciate your support, now more than ever, by picking up some things. If an excellent record is released into a vacuum, does it make a sound? Or does it just sit on a cinder block shelf in a basement?

In return, for the next week, we are offering a discount code for 25% off any combined purchases over $100 (including lathe cuts, preorders, test pressings, and archives purchases). Enter code "PIAPTK" at check out and save some cash!

PS. We have 1997 of our 2000 "free" subscribers on Mailchimp, so we will be cleaning up the email list for next mailout. If you haven't bought anything in a while, and want to stay on the list, please go download the free MP3 sampler here. Or you can buy one of the releases below.

In this email:
1) Upcoming Releases (TONS of them)
2) Saqqara Mastabas LP Preorder
3) American Monoxide Preorder
4) Homely Singles Blind Date Club Concession

1. Upcoming Releases - soooo much in the pipeline for the next few months.
a) Soild Gold 000007- Be Gulls (Little Wings + Lee Bagget) Play The Grateful Dead into their Iphones.
b) Soild Gold 000008- Scott McMicken (Dr. Dog) - In Your Dreams LP
c) New CD-Records - Michael Nau (Cotton Jones, Page France), RudyWaltz (mems of Modest Mouse and Grand Archives/Carissa's Weird), and Floating Action (playing a Stones cover!).
d) Simon Joyner 10" EP
e) Sugar Candy Mountain - "666" LP
f) Grey Waves - Debut LP
g) Skrill Meadow - On Vacation LP (Mark from LAKE and Lazer Zeppelin)
h) Haboob LP - Psychedelic Jazz Supergroup from Tucson
i) Golden Boots Cassette Reissue Campaign (with brand new covers, rarities, and live tapes)
j) Forest Fallows - At Home LP.
k) S.M. Wolf (mem of Amo Joy) - Kooky Format single.

2. Saqqara Mastabas!
- Libra LP PIAPTK-203

So, you may remember this band from the anonymous IVL series (which is, btw still available here), a series of established bands performing under avant garde alter-egos. ... Well, they are now fully out of the shadows and not anonymous anymore! Matthew Friedberger from the Fiery Furnaces and Bob D'Amico from Sebadoh! There are only 400 copies on Silver Lava vinyl and we are splitting them with Joyful Noise, who we are co-releasing it with! PREORDER IT HERE

The Spiel!

We have an unusual, yet highly enthralling, release for you! Saqqara Mastabas (suh-kah-ruh muh-stah-bus) is a new project by Matthew Friedberger (Fiery Furnaces) and Bob D'Amico (Sebadoh, Fiery Furnaces). They have gifted us with their new album titled, Libras.

With Libras, they take on the names of Hermopolis Magna (Matthew) and Waan'Ubyee Shemayet (D'Amico) to become Children/Mature Students of the Upper Light. They are now proud makers of Joyful Noise (insert plug here), made possible by their Outlet to Eternity.

...We can't make this shit up.

Libras is now available for pre-order on: Black Vinyl, CD, Digital and...

Limited Edition Vinyl! Limited to just 400 hand-numbered copies on Silver Lava Vinyl with Clear Splatter.

Check it out here:


3. American Monoxide's New LP, Web Content! Preorder.

The new American Monoxide (Dimitri Manos of Golden Boots/Dr Dog) is your weird electronic feel good summer jam. Breezy and clean like Tucson's creosote desert winds.

Check out this Stereogum preview of the debut single!

Dimitri and I handpicked our favorite labels to go Co-Op style on this one, and have encouraged all of them to create their own "Variant" with some sort of bonus item. Please go check them all out before buying from us, and choose your favorite bonus item. PIAPTK, Soild Gold, and Almost Halloween Time versions available here (while supplies last), the rest can be picked up at their respective sites.

Labels Involved, bonus items/price (links coming soon).

Standard LP - $15:
PIAPTK - Bonus Lathe Cut $20
Almost Halloween Time Records Bari, Italy) - Incredible, unique, hand painted covers! We will be selling some of them here for US buyers, but we HIGHLY recommend you go visit the AHT time site (, because you will want to buy their entire catalog - $35 from PIAPTK, maybe less from AHT.
Soild Gold (Tucson) - Soild Gold Style Bootleg Cover - $17
Baby Gas Mask Records (Tucson) - Library Style Mylar sleeves with Bonus Cassingle with unreleased track - $18
Hocus Bogus (Tucson) - Bonus Zine with Lathe Cut cover! - $20
Lazy Boy Recording Co (Lynchburg, VA)- TBD
Wooden Tooth Records (Tucson) - Cassingle with bonus track - $18
Shot By A Fan (Austin) - Bonus video content!

4. UPDATE: Homely Singles Blind Date Club: Shaped 7"

UPDATE: BELOW IS THE ORIGINAL PITCH, AND THE WAY I ALWAYS HOPED THIS WOULD GO DOWN. I loved the idea of allowing people the excitement and adventure of acquiring a cool, weird shaped record, from a band that they may or may not have heard of, totally randomly. However, the people have spoken with their purses and said "fuck that". So, you got me. I concede defeat and will now offer these amazing little oddities individually. You can choose the one you want. You bastards.

A new series that combines the unlikely elements of record club, speed dating, body love conference, upcycling, and shopping mall sticker vending machine. Limited to 50 copies per disc, all packaged in thick picture disc sleeves.

All purchases receive full 22 track digital download.

The Homely Singles Blind Date Club is a record club that seeks to utilize the leftover router drop plastic that happens when I cut circular discs. I buy the plastic in strips, but due to the sizes of the strips, there is usually a smaller than 7" section that is leftover. So, we utilitze that space the best we can, but when cut with our circle router, it produces some strange shapes. We have been stockpiling these "Homely" records and are now allowing these pieces of plastic to fulfill their destiny, which has long been denied them... we are making these "unique" discs beatiful on the inside by putting new tracks by some of our favorite bands.

The shapes pictured are only examples and your discs MAY NOT be in the same shape pictured.

The Blind Date aspect of this is much like a sticker vending machine at the mall. You know what is available, but you DO NOT GET TO CHOOSE YOUR DISC. You put faith in the universe (and PIAPTK) that your audio date will be with a worthy companion. Discs will be rotated through in order. So, if you buy more than one, you will not receive any duplicates, and the only way to guarantee you get any particular disc is to buy one of each.

Artists Include:
1. Jack Lewis: Brother of Jeffrey, with David Herman Dune. Heavy Metal Kidz b/w This Land Is Your Land
2. Sandman the Rappin Cowboy (with Khaela Marcicich (The Blow)): People Are Sexy b/w Miss Rodeo Montana
3. Turner Cody: Kingdom II b/w Lola
4. Krab Legz (Dimitri Manos (Golden Boots/Dr Dog) and Ben Schneider (Otherly Love)):Line Cook b/w Hollandaise in the Sun
5: SpaceFace: Trust b/w Madness
6. Strong Martian (80% of Spaceface, side project): Running Back b/w Paint My Past
7. Graves & Kacey Johansing: Everywhere/Silver Wings
8. The Blank Tapes: The Shaft b/w Chasing the Sun
9. Fur Family: Airplanes and Cigarettes b/w Aztec Road
10. The Coke Dares (mems of Magnolia Electric Co and The Impossible Shapes): Fantasy Book b/w Nobody Knows Who You Are, Pillbottle.
11. Golden Boots: Pray For Surf/It Could Be Easy



Posted on May 5th, 2016