Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ
SXSW, Crab Legs/Krab Legz, New IVL, More Floating Action Handmades!

Well, we only have three new releases this time, but they are weird! Do us a favor and buy some stuff HERE, please?.

We are throwing a day party with our buds at Joyful Noise Recordings on Thursday, Macrh 17th at SXSW! Come Hang!

Joyful Noise Recordings/PIAPTK SXSW Day Party
Thursday, March 17th
Obsolete Industries
1700 E 12th St, Austin, TX 78702
1pm - 8pm.

Two Stages!

Inside Stage:
1:20pm - Advance Base (formerly Casiotone For The Painfully Alone), 2:40pm - Yonatan Gat, 4:00pm - New Science Projects, 5:20 - Devin James Fry, 6:40 - Globelamp.

Outside Stage:
2:00pm - Jad Fair, 3:20pm Sound of Ceres, 4:40pm - Pearl Charles, 6:00pm - Sugar Candy Mountain, 7:20 - The Blank Tapes

National Crab Meet Day is March 9th! Claws Across America! Crab Legs vs. Krab Legz.

This is the Tail of Two Crab Legs.

There once was a band called Crab Legs in Fargo, ND. A bunch of punks, doing their thing. But several years into the career of the Fargo Crab Legs, a new Crab Legs came on the scene. A couple of weirdo whippersnappers from Tucson, AZ named King and Snow. The Fargo Crab Legs decided that the US wasn't big enough for two Crab Legs and sent a Cease and Desist order to the Tucson Crab Legs.

Both sides agreed that they didn't trust the corrupt American Legal System and Prison Industrial Complex. So, they decided that the only way to settle it was a West Side Story style RUMBLE. A date was set, and it was agreed that the rumble would take place halfway between them on the neutral turf of Selden, KS, and that the winner would take complete control of the Crab Legs moniker. High kicks were kicked, fingers were snapped, leather jackets (studded black for the Fargo Crab Legs, brown suede Members Only for the Tucson duo) littered the parking of the Selden Waffle House. After the dust settled, it was clear that the Fargo contingent had the Tucson boys outnumbered, and despite the fact that King pulled a switchblade comb (he claimed coiffure self-defense), they were roundly defeated.

Despite a decisive victory by the Fargo bros, the Tucson dudes refused to honor their agreement and threatened to crowdfund a smear campaign in the press to malign the punk integrity of the victors. They claimed to have evidence that various members had once owned Backstreet Boys pillowcases (non-ironically), and yearbook photos that would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that a certain unnamed member had once "been into Phish".

Luckily, world renown record label owner, Michael Dixon of PIAPTK Recordings, happened to be sitting in the window of the Waffle House, watching the melee. And in an effort to keep Iowa Ave (strangely, 80% of streets in Selden, KS are named after other states) from running red with the blood of struggling musicians, he stepped in. Always a peacemaker (and opportunist), Dixon saw an intense artistic human interest story that he could take financial advantage of. He made a deal that will go down in history as one of the shrewdest music business moves that had ever been negotiated in Selden in late August of 2015. The Tucson Crab Legs would receive a cash payout to change their name to Krab Legz (the exact monetary payment has not been disclosed, but there are rumors that it was in the high double digits), and in return, and as a sign of friendship and hatchet burial, the Fargo Crab Legs would agree to release a split 7" with Krab Legz on the PIAPTK label for charity (though rumors have persisted that PIAPTK stood to benefit heavily from the release as a tax shelter). A new non-profit organization was founded for the occasion called Claws Across America, which was intended as the torchbearer to previous peace and love based initiatives such as "We Are The World", "Free Tibet", "Artists Against Apartheid", and "Mark Zuckerberg Invest A Billion Dollars in Kanye Ideas".

You can contribute to Claws Across America by purchasing this piece of history on clear, square, lathe cut 6" vinyl. All proceeds go to promoting peace between bands formerly or presently known as Crab Legs.

Want to read a rap about the whole situation set to the melody of Paul Revere by the Beastie Boys? Click the link below!
Support Crab Peace by purchasing here!

T-Town Sessions Gallery Pic Discs!

These 7"s were made for the one-year-anniversary of the amazing Tucson video series, T-Town Sessions. T-Town Sessions is a collaboration between four amazingly talented female producers/videographers, St. Cecilia Studios, and Cloud Microphones that puts a spotlight on the wide range of incredible artists in Tucson. Indie, blues, punk, and mariachi bands have all been featured.

We partnered with Photographer Abril Castillo to make transparency picture discs, modeled to look like photographic negatives, inside custom die cut covers that make them look like vintage slides.

There are 10 different images, 3 copies each. Only 30 copies were made, 10 sold to benefit T-Town Sessions at the One Year Anniversary Party, 10 for the band, and 10 for PIAPTK to sell to recoup the costs of production.

We are only selling SIX records, and you will get a random disc. To see all 10 images, click below!

Each one has been signed and numbered by Abril Castillo!


New IVL! COLD'diss'Play

If you remember, the IVL is our weirdo side label of established bands performing avant garde music under pseudonyms. Only 53 copies made, and there are a ton of rules to this strange little label, to read more about those rules go here. Some of these bands may be bands (or members of) that you know and love, but you won't know until they sell out and we announce it, and then it will be too late. This new record is no exception. We now have a new one by the hottest anonymous band that ever existed, COLD'diss'Play. Two smoking hot jams recorded on a tour bus and during soundchecks from an undisclosed sold-out theater somewhere on the planet Earth. The A-side is called Bungus Bay, paired with the aptly titled Bungus Bay Part Deux.

MORE Floating Action: Hold Your Fire 2xLP - Handmade versions. 5 left! Everything else is SOLD OUT!

WE sold out of all of our copies of the 2xLP in only a few days, but Seth Kaufman sent us his share of the hand drawn copies to sell for him, and we have only 5 copies left! Every other copy (including the regular version is completely sold out through us. You might still be able to get them at And while you are there, pick up some of their "West Foot Forward Series" 7"s. They are doing an amazing job chronicling the quiet mainstream musical subversion happening in Tucson right now!

Posted on March 4th, 2016