Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ
Of Montreal, Cub Country, American Monoxide, Homely Singles Blind Date Club, Floating Action "Color Test" Pressings

Well, as usual, we have a ton of new releases.  Can you believe it has been almost 200 releases in 9 years?  Me neither. Do us a favor and buy some stuff HERE, please?.

Upcoming releases include: 
1. Forest Fallows: At Home LPs (ltd ed of 300 on green vinyl with silkscreened covers (co-release with Joyful Noise Recordings), 
2. Jeffrey Lewis Outtakes LP (Soild Gold), 
3. Floating Action: Hold Your Fire 2xLP (co-release with Baby Gas Mask Records), 
4. New IVL Releases, 
5. New CD-Records from Darren Hanlon and Freezing Hands

All purchases made between now and the end of November, will receive one random free LP or 2x7"s per $30 purchased. Keep it for yourself or give it to a friend!

Of Montreal: NOLF 3 Postcard Record: Chinese Rock

For the third annual Night of the Living Fest, Mobile Vinyl Recorders was on hand making NOLF 3 Postcards with a new track from Of Montreal (one of the headliners). There were only 100 5x7" postcard records made and they feature the track "Chinese Rock", co-written by DeeDee Ramone and Richard Hell and recorded by both The Ramones and The Heartbreakers. 

We only have a very limited number of these leftover!



Floating Action: Research Handmade "Color Test" Pressings

When the pressing plant sent us the original black test pressings for RESEARCH, they also threw in about 20 "color test" pressings, that were just the press guys playing around with weird splatter designs. Almost all of them were unique... We weren't really sure what to do with them, as they fell outside of the Soild Gold model, but are really too cool to sit in the overflowing PIAPTK warehouse of misfit records, so Seth Kaufman offered to hand-draw covers for them. So, he has 10 copies, and we have ten copies, each of which has a hand-painted recreation of the original RESEARCH album art, with a hand drawn/written track listing on the back, and a "color test" pressing. Pictured are a few of the random designs.


Cub Country: Slow Ascending/Northern Passage 7"

You might remember Cub Country as the side project of Jets To Brazil bassist/Handsome singer, Jeremy Chatelain and from their time on Jade Tree Records.

This is a great new single on black, square 7" lathe cuts in hand-linoblock-printed sleeves, made by the band.



Homely Singles Blind Date Club: Shaped 7"s

A new series that combines the unlikely elements of record club, speed dating, body love conference, upcycling, and shopping mall sticker vending machine. Limited to 50 copies per disc, all packaged in thick picture disc sleeves. 

All purchases receive full 22 track digital download. 

The Homely Singles Blind Date Club is a record club that seeks to utilize the leftover router drop plastic that happens when I cut circular discs. I buy the plastic in strips, but due to the sizes of the strips, there is usually a smaller than 7" section that is leftover.  So, we utilitze that space the best we can, but when cut with our circle router, it produces some strange shapes. We have been stockpiling these "Homely" records and are now allowing these pieces of plastic to fulfill their destiny, which has long been denied them... we are making these "unique" discs beatiful on the inside by putting new tracks by some of our favorite bands. 

The shapes pictured are only examples and your discs MAY NOT be in the same shape pictured.

The Blind Date aspect of this is much like a sticker vending machine at the mall. You know what is available, but you DO NOT GET TO CHOOSE YOUR DISC.  You put faith in the universe (and PIAPTK) that your audio date will be with a worthy companion.  Discs will be rotated through in order.  So, if you buy more than one, you will not receive any duplicates, and the only way to guarantee you get any particular disc is to buy one of each. 

Artists Include:
1. Jack Lewis: Brother of Jeffrey, with David Herman Dune. Heavy Metal Kidz b/w This Land Is Your Land
2. Sandman the Rappin Cowboy (with Khaela Marcicich (The Blow)): People Are Sexy b/w Miss Rodeo Montana
3. Turner Cody: Kingdom II b/w Lola
4. Krab Legz (Dimitri Manos (Golden Boots/Dr Dog) and Ben Schneider (Otherly Love)): Line Cook b/w Hollandaise in the Sun
5: SpaceFace: Trust b/w Madness
6. Strong Martian (80% of Spaceface, side project): Running Back b/w Paint My Past
7. Graves & Kacey Johansing: Everywhere/Silver Wings
8. The Blank Tapes: The Shaft b/w Chasing the Sun
9. Fur Family: Airplanes and Cigarettes b/w Aztec Road
10. The Coke Dares (mems of Magnolia Electric Co and The Impossible Shapes): Fantasy Book b/w Nobody Knows Who You Are, Pillbottle.
11. Golden Boots: Pray For Surf/It Could Be Easy



American Monoxide: in Flight Mode LP

The solo project of Dimitri Manos (Dr. Dog, Golden Boots, LABRYYYNTH), American Monoxide is the unfettered freakiness of Dimitri's pop genius with no boundries imposed by other band members. Recorded in a couple of weeks in his home studio, In Flight Mode is a fractured masterpiece.

Limited edition of 250 in professionally printed jackets.

Available to stream for a very limited time:


University of Arizona Planetary Art Show Eulerian Circles

 These four Eulerian Art discs were commissioned by the University of Arizona Planetary Sciences Department for their Annual Art Show.

Four discs, each with sounds from outer space and a design to match. Each one is limited to 12 copies, and includes a signed, hand-typed sample tag made on a janky old typewriter.

This was a one-time edition, and they will never be remade.

1. Earth 
2. Magnetosphere 
3. Jupiter 
4. The Sun


Posted on November 24th, 2015