Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

M. Nau / FlAct / Begale / DrmSitch - Nathan Sabatino Solar Reworks 12" PIAPTK - 355

Hand stencilled discs for the one sided 12" of Nathan Sabatino Reworks from the Dream Sitch Family.

Remixes from Michael Nau, Dream Sitch, Floating Action and Begale (Mike's wife Whitney).

Track Listing:
Dream Sitch - Sideways (DJXII Pool Party Mix)
Floating Action - Give It Time (Egyptian Laser Mix)
Michael Nau - I Root (Kawai 151PS Mix)
Begale - Now and Then (K.0! Stretch Mix)

Nathan (former bassist from Golden Boots, former house engineer for Dr Dog) is super busy being a hermit in Joshua Tree, Vaping Weed, and getting deep into Egyptian Magick when he isn't making weird rework tracks, so he wanted the Scarab as the art for this.

Pressing Information

Limited to 125 Hand Stencilled Copies