Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

VA - A Tribute to Floating Action - The Friend Who Knows LP PIAPTK-345

This album has been long in the works... If you preordered it through the Indiegogo, you should already have received it. If you missed it there, , I have a limited number available.

ALL PROFITS from the release go to Seth's Charity of Choice, The Concrete Jungle Foundation.

I've only got a handful of the "Super Deluxe Version" That includes a special color vinyl (smokey clear), plus a special cover hand-stenciled by Seth, and an 8" with bonus tracks from Tyler Ramsey, Eric Slick, and Daniel Martin Moore.

Side One:

Bryan Cates - Unrevenged
Michael Libramento - Digging
Satiety - Long Night, Bright Lamp
Scott McMicken - Cinder Cone, Pt. 3
Jim James - The Balance
Angel Olsen - Not What I Came For
Side Two:

Invisible Creature - All It Takes Is One
Fruit Bats - Harshness of the Blow
Jacob Rodriguez - Say Goodbye
Daniel Martin Moore - Evening Blessing
Tyler Ramsey - To Connect
Michael Nau - Lotus on the Hill
Pre-order-only digital bonus tracks:

Tyler Ramsey - To Connect v2
Daniel Martin Moore - Four Leaf Clover
8" Lathe cut tracks:

Tyler Ramsey - To Connect v2
Daniel Martin Moore - Four Leaf Clover
Eric Slick - Seized
All Songs written by Seth Kauffman & originally recorded by Floating Action -- Produced by Daniel Martin Moore -- Mastered by Kevin Ratterman -- Released by OK Recordings & PIAPTK

What some of the artists have to say:

"there's just nothing quite like floating action music. it's the easiest to love music that i think i've ever heard. so present and so deep and so fun and such feel and so free! for the heart and body in equal measure. maximum inspiration." - Scott McMicken

“I immediately fell in love with Seth’s recording style when a boyfriend had shown me Floating Action in 2012. Something about the way every instrument sounded weathered in the sun like a hot summer day after a long time of walking aimlessly. I was new to the community in Asheville at that time but over the years I would get to know him and his wife and later got up the nerve to invite him to play some guitar on my album, My Woman. You can really hear Seth’s influence on my music on that record especially on songs like “Those were the days” or “Heart Shaped Face” - Angel Olsen

"whenever i need a blast of emotional weirdness full of dirty funk and soul....that tastes organic and pure, yet deep fried in delicious stark raving madness....i turn to the healing sounds of seth kauffman's floating action brand musics." - Jim James

“Seth’s records are never far from the turntable in our house, we probably listen to Floating Action more than any other artist. The music is so fun, yet profound for deep dives, and just sounds so great — inventive arrangements and classic playing that is all somehow thoughtful and carefree at the same time. One morning in late 2020 after listening to “Outsider Art” for the third time in a row, I thought, “There are so many great musicians who love Seth’s music as much as I do… We gotta do a tribute album.” Everyone I asked about it was psyched, and it slowly took shape over the following months, with one amazing track after another rolling in. Working on this album has been a source of pure joy. We hope you love it." - Daniel Martin Moore