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Raccoon (Dr Dog) & The Teeth - Split EP PIAPTK - 342

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THIS IS NOT A CHRISTMAS RECORD! It is called "The Christmas City" in honor of The Teeths' connection to Bethlehem, PA.  

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I have wanted to do a Raccoon (Scott and Toby before Dr Dog) record since I first started working with Dr Dog almost a decade ago. Thanks to an impending Teeth reunion (3 nights at Johnny Brenda's in January!!) and a total chance run-in with Raccoon member Rory Connell in Battery Park NYC while we were both headed to a free John Cale show, the stars aligned for this righteous slice of early aughts CD-R history to come out on vinyl for the first time ever!

Limited Edition of only 500 copies with heavy duty printed eurosleeve innersleeves, and some other fancy, deluxe PIAPTKish packaging features.

300 standard copies and 200 "deluxe copies" on "Microfiche Reader Screen Haze" colored vinyl that comes with a bonus 5x7" lathe cut featuring a Raccoon session outtake called "Fiesta Stallone" and it's just as weird as the name implies. Also 20 copies of the Test Pressing with "numbers matching" Sleeve, Library Card, and LP.

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From Rory Connell:

Raccoon and The Teeth found each other in Philadlelphia early in the century. The bands shared stages at the various rock and roll toilets of the day, from Phiiladelphia to outposts such as West Chester, PA, Newark, DE, and Bethlehem, PA (the Christmas City). The Christmas City EP was conceived as a compact disc that could be sold at their many shows.

The EP was recorded by Mike Quinn quickly over the course of a few weekends in May 2003, allowing for a shared mid-fi sonic texture and a grouping of songs about odd men in desperate situations. Tracks were recoreded in Quinn’s bedroom that he shared with his cousin Pat Finnerty, with overdubs often recorded while band members sat on the beds of Quinn and Finnerty.

The recordings serves as s transition point for both bands. The Teeth would settle their lineup after its release and build its reputation in Philadlelphia and as a touring act. Raccoon would dissolve soon after its release, as band members Toby Leaman and Scott McMicken turned thier attentions to Dr. Dog.

The 20th anniversary edition of The Christmas City presents this EP on vinyl for the first time, with a recreation of Aaron Modavis’ excellent artwork for the format. The release presents Raccoon on vinyl for the first time. The release is limited to 500 copies. Each copy has a numbered checkout card.

A limited number of 200 copies include the record on "Microfiche Reader Screen Haze" and bonus record featuring a lathe cut of “Fiesta Stallone,” a Raccoon outtake from The Christmas City EP sessions that was removed to make way for McMicken’s last minute song “The Thick and the Thin.” “Fiesta Stallone” was assumed to have been lost for years, until a 3” CD-R of a mix of the recording was discovered. The song has been placed on an equally obscure and impractical format for this limited edition—a 5”x7” clear plastic lathe cut of this schizophenic lost Raccoon song.

Pressing Information

300 Standard Copies on Black Vinyl
200 Deluxe Edition on "Microfiche Reader Screen Haze" colored vinyl with Bonus Lathe Cut
20 Test Pressings