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Floating Action (Seth Kauffman) TING LP PIAPTK - 339

We are starting our one in/one out/next one In Floating Action reissue campaign at the beginning(ish). The first(ish) solo release from Seth Kauffman, before he donned the Floating Action moniker.  

Only 200 copies made on black 180g vinyl. Each LP comes with a free Ting Scented Air Freshener.

Once this sells out, we will press the ST Floating Action LP, also in an edition of 200.

(For Canadian Customers, we recommend you buy this and other PIAPTK releases from Tonality Records in Toronto!

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From Seth:
2004…it’s a blur, really. I had experimented in 2002 a little with a cassette 4-track, playing all the instruments on an album called Perigo Nao Tocar. But ‘Ting’ was the first time i tried recording with a computer too. With unlimited tracks I realized ‘hey i could add more percussion, and even play a bunch of violins to make a little string section.’ I was listening to deep motown cuts, and lots of Sergio Mendes Brasil ‘66, so I was just trying to make something that sounded like that, but sloppier and more rusty…try to take it to some new unknown place. I really wanted every song to be different from the last. The recording methods I used then were laughable (still are now, but…even more then.) I never really intended for anybody else to even really hear it, but had given a couple cd-r’s of it to musician buddys, and they freaked out. So then I snail-mailed a cd-r of ‘Ting’ to a delta blues/gospel label I revered, called Hightone Records, and they put it out! And then the label went out of business. And that was pre-streaming era, so it only existed on cd…which means it basically disappeared for over a decade. I had pretty much forgotten about it, until I realized around 2020 that I probably should release it into the streaming world. The original individual tracks I of course didn’t save properly, so they’re gone forever- but I did ‘poorly re-mix’ the songs off a cd…really just added a little reverb and compression. Then had my pal Kevin Ratterman master it, since Hightone had released it not even mastered…kind of awesome when you think about it. And now (2023) the brilliant PIAPTK came up with the idea to put it on vinyl- what a weird backwards path for ‘Ting’! It began life as a cd, died and was buried for ten years, then reborn as digital, and now finally, vinyl.

Pressing Information

Limited Edition of 200 on Black 180g Vinyl