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SM Wolf - Sorry Joint LP PIAPTK - 341

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This album is a collection of EPs, singles, and B-sides spanning from 2013 to 2023. All songs written and recorded by Adam in various Indianapolis houses, on computer, and 4 and 8 track reel-to-reels.

S.M. Wolf has had several iterations over the years, but on this album the band is a combination of Adam Gross, Melanie Rau, Ben Leslie, Bryan Unruh, and Rachel Enneking. Not featured on the record, but equally loved current and former members, are BC Nelson, Adam Kuhn and James Furness.
releases September 22, 2023

1-7. From our first release, a cassette split with one-time Indianapolis band Sorry Joint. Five songs from that split were later released as our debut self-titled 7” EP. All instruments by Adam.

8. Initially released as a lathe cut 7” for PIAPTK’s IVL Discos series under the band name St. John’s Dance. It was recorded during the Neon Debris sessions but was eventually cut. Later released as a tour-only lathe cut as S.M. Wolf. Adam, Rachel, and Mel.

9-10. “Awful Spring” was released as a 7” lathe cut and reel-to-reel combo on PIAPTK. “Nightglo” was released as a bonus 5” lathe cut for the first people who ordered the Awful Spring. Nightglo is Adam and Ben. Awful Spring is Adam, Ben, Mel and Rachel.

11-13. From the split cassette EP Canine Country Club with the Indianapolis band Faux Paw. Released on on Jurrasic Pop. Adam, Mel, Ben and Rachel.

14. Bonus track from Phases of What. The song was lathe-cut into the outside of the discs of a limited-run CD version of the album. All instruments by Adam.

15. A demo that was intended to be on Bad Ocean but didn’t make the cut. Later released as a tour-only dip-painted lathe-cut single on PIAPTK. All instruments by Adam.

16 - 17. B-sides from the album Precious Downtime. They were eventually released as a limited edition 7” lathe cut on PIAPTK and Romanus Records. Adam, Bryan, Ben and Mel.

Artwork and layout by Justin Shimp. Cover image inspired by the artwork for the self-titled S.M. Wolf EP, designed by Tanner Standridge and Tyler Nally. All songs © Adam Gross 2013-2023

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