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Adam Gross (SM Wolf) - Phantosmia Pic DIsc LP PIAPTK - 338

SM Wolf / Amo Joy leader, Adam Gross goes solo and takes it down a notch! This time leaning much more into quiet indie folk ala Elliot Smith, Iron and WIne, etc but with his own spin. This is my favorite album of his yet. Adam and I go back a LONG time. He is one of my favorite people and many times it seems like we've been riding the same universal wavelength since we met in 2007. We've run into each other totally randomly all over the country, travelled the world together, etc. Not only do I love his music, I love him. Please check it out!

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Profesh Blurb:
Phantosmia is the debut solo LP from Indianapolis songwriter Adam Graahs. This album steps away from the fuzzed out guitar leads and belting vocals of his bands S.M. Wolf and Amo Joy, and lands in a more contemplative space. Starting life on home-recorded reel to reel tapes, the album’s warm sonic characteristics compliment its pastoral tones and help balance the sometimes heavy political undertones of the lyrics.With finger-picked acoustic guitar filling the foreground, beds of clarinets and synthesizers give the songs a subtle, surrealistic atmosphere that’s perfect for cloudy days inside or long summer drives.

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Ltd Ed of 50 Hi-fi Stereo Lathe Cut LP Pic DIscs in printed sleeves.