Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Mr Husband - Ocean Pines Lathe Cut 10" PIAPTK - 336

#3 in the slow-rolling (but always quick to sell out) reissue series of the Mr. Husband back catalog.
Limited edition of 50 on Lathe Cut Blue 10" Vinyl, All hand painted and signed by Mr. Husband.

From Kenny:
I spent the brutally cold month of January 2018 hunched over a 4-track cassette recorder in my attic in Frederick. Maryland making this record all by my lonesome. I used some old damaged cassettes that had been stored in my hot garage for over a decade and as I started tracking I realized they could only hold a tiny bit of volume before falling apart so I had to record everything at a whisper level. (This made Lindsay happy as she was trying to sleep in the room below while I was recording). There is a yin and yang, a push and pull to the songs on Ocean Pines. There are friendly, warm lullabies of the present. There are aching, sorrowful memories of the past. I was tempted to split them into two groups but in the end it felt more true to my life and my experience to have all the good and bad, all the comfort and sorrow, swirling together into one.

Pressing Information

Ltd ed of 50 Lathe Cut 10"s in hand painted covers