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Floating Action - Glacial Speed LP PIAPTK - 333

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Limited Edition of only 200! On Black 180g Vinyl!

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The next Final Floating Action record and Final PIAPTK release!

Available in three editions. All editions include a custom Glacial Speed ICE SCRAPER.

-Regular: 180g Black Vinyl LP + Ice Scraper - only 125 available.
-Deluxe: 180g Black Vinyl LP + "Grease the Palms" Lathe Cut oversized Postcard pic disc + Ice Scraper - Only 50 available.
-Handmade: Handmade stencil covers made by Seth in his backyard with the Oversized Postcard Lathe + Ice Scraper . Ltd ed of 40

“I was supposed to be retiring from making Floating Action albums, but then had an onslaught of IDEAS that came down from the heavens - I just HAD to record them!”
The Glacial Speed album is the sound of pure joy, sweat, heat, and never being able to get something how you want it.
Recorded mainly in the summer of 2022, at Seth’s home studio in Black Mountain, NC, using only the most broken and crappy of gear.
The pandemic had ended Seth’s touring and recording session career, forcing him to work as a handyman for a vacation rental company in an extremely booming tourism area. “I work seven days a week and am always on call, so i would literally only have random staggered five minute time chunks to work on Glacial Speed. Which made it take FOREVER, hence the title Glacial Speed. I would run into the studio in between jobs, pouring sweat, flip on all the equipment, and record the drums, bass, guitar for a new idea. I only had time to record like a minute and a half, then I had to run out the door again to another job.
I wouldn’t even know what the song was going to be. If I messed up, the rule was you just had to use it. I then slowly built the songs off of these chaotic, on the brink of falling apart grooves; but that’s what I love, that MOMENT of freshness and not knowing. Always being interrupted.
In the fall of 2022, I went on tour in Ray LaMontagne’s band, and used each of the five nights off we had, to write all the lyrics for Glacial Speed. Deep focus moments in hotel rooms, with my cheap purple earphones; reading only Yung Pueblo and listening only to Slick Rick.
There’s no malice or finger pointing on Glacial Speed. It’s largely focused on those magic moments in nature; the sound while your head is plunged in an icy mountain stream.. bare feet on grass watching the stars.. the special silence underwater in sub-freezing ocean waves while surfing..
It’s the stickiest, funkiest grooves, peppered with drops of heavy philosophy.
“There are some big thought-concepts throughout Glacial Speed. But written in code, it’s very possible no one will ever notice. But again, that’s kind of how I like it. The first time I actually sat and listened to the final mixes, and really heard the lyrics, I was bawling my eyes out.”
“Glacial Speed is complete detachment from any type of music that will make any money…and that’s the way I prefer it…no sinister motives…keeps it honest.”
Big horn riffs, new ideas, and improvised trippiness; Glacial Speed will take you to an elevated new space, if you listen.

Pressing Information

125 - Black 180g + Ice Scraper
50 - Black + Lathe Cut
40 - Black + Handmade Covers + Lathe Cut + Ice Scraper