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dd Toby Leaman - Military Applications LP! PIAPTK - 330

We are so excited to release the debut EP 12" from Dr Dog Co-Frontman Toby Leaman!

(This Preorder should ship by Mid May(ish) Any items ordered with this item will be shipped when it arrives to our studio))

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Due to a pressing plant SNAFU, only 414 of the originally ordered 1000 LPs ordered were delivered.

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Dr. Dog co-frontman, dd Toby Leaman bludgeons his way into a musical masterpiece on this solo debut . Speedy pump up jams that pair perfectly with our modern life or past lives. Wildly diverse, vibrant, and dynamic, these songs share the same charm and top notch musicianship that have become a Dr. Dog hallmark.
Dog fans might enjoy the posi-dub vibes of "Don't Worry" or be familiar with the Armageddon love song trope expertly rendered in"7th Seal". But you don't have to be a Dr. Dog fan to dig this record. There is truly something for everyone. If you're into ripping guitar solos and coda rants, "Spooked by the Kooks" should do the trick. If crazed story songs with killer choruses are more your speed, then we suggest "The Runaway". If you want to bop and boogie your way through modern terrors try "Military Applications". If you can't get enough existential synth apathy and optimism, "Rider" will get you through the night.

Spooked By The Kooks
Military Applications
Don't Worry
7th Seal
The Runaway

Micheal Libramento-Piano,Bass, Triangle, percussion, Lead Git(Don't Worry, 7th Seal)
Eric Slick-Drums
Pat Finnerty-Lead Guitar (Military Applications, Spooked by the Kooks)
Mel Leaman-vox(Don't Worry)
Eliza Jones-Vox(Spooked by the Kooks)
Toby Leaman- Vox, Keyboards, Guitar, Bass

Mixed by Nathan Sabitino and Toby Leaman
Nick Krill helped a bunch but didn't mix. I'm not sure how to credit him, but his help was invaluable.
Recorded at Montross Studio in Richmond engineered Adrian Montross
Slippery Slopes, DE and Mount Slippery, PA
Produced by Toby Leaman
Art work Leann Cornelius
Original photo Sean Whisner

Pressing Information

150 Yellow
165 Pink
94 (first edition?) Black