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Mila Webb - Lucky Nights 12" Lathe Cut Pic Disc PIAPTK - 329

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Mila Webb - Lucky Nights 12" Lathe Cut Pic Disc in Handmade Sleeves!

I was so stoked when our buddies at Perpetual Doom approached us to co-release the vinyl for Mila Webb's "Lucky Nights" LP. As two story melody put it "Mila Webb weaves sly, psychedelic melodies into a ghostly folk palette in her new single “Lucky Nights.” Webb leans into the gentle swing of traditional folk here while employing a fresh, subversive twist. Her sound is reminiscent of Faye Webster, with the lyrical punch of Wolf Alice. The song is plainspoken, drifty, and unapologetically sentimental – all while a thread of longing runs through the track. “Everything has hunger and no one’s ever satisfied,” Webb sings. “Still I won’t forget the way it felt to have you on my side. You give me lucky nights.”"

Check out the video for the title track here:

Mila is the daughter of JImmy Webb, who wrote a ton of stone cold classics in the 60s-70s, (google him) and she definitely inherited his talent for lyricism.

Limited to 50 copies on one-sided 12" stenciled and painted Lathe Cut Vinyl.

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Ltd Ed to 50 LPs.