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Money Mark - Stand Up For Your Rice LP PIAPTK - 303

Shipping mid august!

A lost classic Funk Jazz Instrumental LP from Money Mark (Beastie Boys, Beck, Yeah Yeahs Yeahs, David Byrne and just about everybody else in the world). Released only in Japan in 2007 due a story as old as time... A crooked ex-business manager who signed a contract with out Mark's knowledge, then took the money and ran, leaving Mark legally required to release the album exclusively in Japan, but unable to make any money from it.

This is the perfect vibe soundtrack album for your next dinner party / date night.

Also, we have 15 signed test pressings available!

Preview it on Youtube:

Pressing Information

Ltd ed of 250 on "Rice" colored vinyl (clear/white)
Ltd Ed of 250 on Maroon Vinyl
Unltd ed of Black Vinyl