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Spaceface/KWKA OpArt 10" Pic Disc Lathe Cut PIAPTK - 304

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SPACEFACE / KWKA - Experiments in Escapist Infinities 1-4 (Interlude 1.7) / Infinite Loops

Long form Instrumental collaboration between Spaceface and KWKA (Mike Fridmann) also includes 3 unique hidden locked grooves.

On a 10"optical art picture disc with 10" round platter mat insert to put under the record while playing it to make the optical effect really pop (best when viewed through your phone). Each pic disc was made using my cricut cutter and was a major pain in the ass. But I do it for you. Also, my daughter Ryer, helped.

There are three variants: Red and Blue are limited to 25 copies each, the "Chaos Theory Edition" were fuckups that I thought looked cool regardless. They don't do the optical art effect, but they are unique in their own way. "PIAPTK: Shrugging and saying "It's Not A Fuck Up It's a Feature" since 2006".

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Working on making a record can be sort of a grueling process when you’re refining the sounds and whittling each song down to fit a mold. It’s important to be able to step away and just have a free flowing fun time makin stuff. Experiments in escapist infinities was exactly that. It mostly made in the winter of 2018, with Jake Ingalls coming up to Fredonia to work on Flaming Lips music between working on Spaceface’s upcoming record and Mike Fridmann (who was assistant engineering the Lips’ records) on off days and inbetween sessions working on the last 2 Flaming Lips releases in Fredonia, NY @ Tarbox Studios.
Each of the two would set up their computers with whatever gear they brought and whatever synths they could get their hands on at Tarbox then record a bunch of material.
The goal was originally to make a collection of loops that could go on playable postcards but eventually Mike sewed together each loop with different soundscapes based on noises and parts we’d played inbetween and created this 8 minute song. We weren’t sure what to do with it until PIAPTK had these wonderful op art lathes they approached us with.
Now these bits have a nice home on a beautiful piece of playable art.
So: I think it worked! We both had a ton of fun making this and now everyone can hear it.
Finally tally of gear ended up being:
An iPad Mellotron app, a fender Rhodes, an OP-1, 1 silver tone guitar, a poly6 and a CS-80. Fun!

Pressing Information

Ltd Ed of 25 Red, 25 blue, and 4 Chaos Theory.