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Briana Marela - Eclipse Lenticular Lathe Cut Pic Disc! PIAPTK-301

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Our first Lenticular Pic Disc (something I've wanted to do for years, but never gotten around to), with art by Joey Moran that perfectly matches the instrumental sound collage created by Briana Marela. The discs color scheme and pattern modulates as the disc plays (Check the @PIAPTK instagram to see what I mean).

Limited Edition of 60 copies.

Briana is an old friend from Olympia. She has released records on Jagjaguwuar, been commissioned to create a piece for Radiolab, recorded an album with Alec Somers (Sigur Ros) in Iceland, received an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media from Mills College, etc. She is a fascinating artist and you can learn more about her here:

PIAPTK released a single for her almost a decade ago called "I Don't Belong To You" which featured frontwards vocals over backwards music on the A-Side and the same song with Backwards Vocals over frontwards music for the B-side (and the B-side was cut from the inside out to play backwards).

About this piece from Briana:

Eclipse is an electro-acoustic piece recorded on a 1/4" Otari tape machine, utilizing performative varispeed, physical tape manipulation, and using 80% tape splices and analog techniques. It began as a piece I composed titled "Ascendant" that was performed by the Eclipse String Quartet ( and recorded at Mills College in the concert hall. Sections of the stereo recording of "Ascendant" were then recorded from my computer onto tape, varying the speed of the machine while recording as well as during the transfer back to digital. Creating unique gestures that sound like they live in their own imaginary realm, paying close attention to amplitude contouring, splicing quick changes in contrast to static chordal clusters that hover and breathe. The piece is named after the quartet to pay respect to the talent of the players sampled. Artist Joey Moran (@futureforestsss on IG) of Olympia created a lenticular immersive colorful artwork for the 7" cover that fits the ambient nature of the composition.

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