Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Perfectly Close - ST CD-Record PIAPTK - 299

Perfectly Close is 8 songs of longing from Quarantine Denver, recorded at Nathaniel Ratliff's house April 2020 by my good buddy Adam Baumeister (ex- Bad Weather California, Esme Patterson, Flobots, etc) Released on Meep / Piaptk.

SAMPLE IT HERE: (And check out some of his other MEEP stuff while you are at it!)

SOLD AT COST just to get it in the hands of folks that will enjoy it. The first run of this CD includes a bonus vinyl groove of the tune Night Hunter

1. Look at Us Now 2. Our First Kiss 3. Don't Look Away 4. Stories We Tell 5. Myths Amiss 6. Rough Mix, 7. Alicia 8. Without Sayings - Bonus Groove Track Night Hunter

Adam Baumeister - songs / gtr
Chris Adolf - gtr
Scott Beck - drums
Jess DeNicola - vocals
Kate Hannington - oboe / clarinet / wurlitzer
Joe Sampson - bass