Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Floating Action - Ceased and Desisted EP PIAPTK-291

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well, oops. we got slapped with a Cease and Desist for this EP that we tried to release an EP of songs recorded specifically for (but unused by) a film that we all love very much. It featured some rather amazing Photoshop work by yours truly, but somewhere up the very long chain to the top of the film studio, somebody took exception...

So, all 75 copies of this record that were already made have been locked in the PIAPTK vault, which is currently located 700 feet below the ground in a decommissioned Titan Missile Silo in the desert outside Tucson. We considered putting them in a landfill and then coming back in 30 years to try to find them, ala the E.T. Atari game. And while that would make a better documentary, we decided that it would be too much work, and way too gross.