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Soild Gold - Golden Boots - Nite Drives LP SG-00012

Golden Boots have been stretching out over the last few years. As the lineup has shifted around Ryen and Dimitri, the format has gone from Crumbly Western to Omnichord-Core to Instrumental Sunset tunes and everything in between. And they have been PROOLIFFFIC. Nite Drives was recorded a couple years ago during the beginning of the Instrumental period, and it has been a fan favorite since being released on tape by the band. And, since I've recently been getting more into instrumental albums myself it made perfect sense that the man who founded Soild Gold (Dimitri) would be the 12th Soild Gold release. It consists of three long format chill vibe background dinner party tunes.

All in our patented "Soild Gold Style" paste on covers, with hand stamped labels on Translucent Gold Vinyl and 12x18 cardstock poster featuring a collage by Richard Santos. 50 copies of the special "Black Cloud" splatter vinyl (trans gold mixed with black) will be randomly inserted into orders. As always, Soild Gold is ANALOG ONLY... Does not include downloads.

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Pressing Information

Ltd Ed of 250 copies