Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Leonard Joel sings Billy Cohen 10" EP lathe cut PIAPTK-287

As you probably know, Greg Olin's band Graves is one of PIAPTK's long time favorite artist. He's been involved with Lee Gull Baggett, Fronjentress, Solid Home Life, and many other artists that we've worked with. He's a horrible self promoter (perhaps the worst I've ever worked with?) and an elementary special education teacher. But, he is prolific and his music is incredible.

Apparently, he got the idea of recording Billy Joel songs in the style of Leonard Cohen, sent texts out to his friends Shay Roselip, Zach Tillman, and Sam Farrell, and within three hours, the EP was done. The next day, they put it up on Bandcamp, and the same day I reached out about doing 10"s of it, and here we are. It's done and it's great, and you will enjoy it. It is kind of insane how much these Billy Joel pop songs sound like legitimate Leonard Cohen songs!