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Dean and Britta - The Carnival is Over 7" PIAPTK-285

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Luna was always one of those PIAPTK bucket list bands that I've loved since I got into good music starting with Galaxie 500 when I was 15. So when I randomly met Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips at a Light in the Attic Party in LA, it was a pretty significant day. I did what I do, chatted them up, did the “schmooze” gave Dean my card, got his email, and followed up immediately, but it was over a year of no contact before he reached out about doing a for-hire job for a Kickstarter he was doing. Obviously I wanted to do a PIAPTK release, so we worked out a deal that culminated in both the bonus lathe cut for the Dean Wareham and Cheval Sombre LP (Which is EXCELLENT) AND the Phenokistoscope 7” pic disc PIAPTK released for Luna, which felt like a serious coup for me. So, naturally, when Dean reached out about a new Dean and Britta lathe cut (potentially followed by more Made-to-order discs for their livestreams, so follow their social media to keep up on that), I was pretty excited.

This is a cover of the traditional Russian folk song, The Carnival Is Over, from the 1800s, but made famous by the Seekers in the 1960s, and according to my buddy who helps me cut is “a bolero”. But it's beautiful and unique and on clear square 7”s with clear printed labels and transperency inserts. It's really fucking great.