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Blank Tapes - Covid-19 Quarantine / Isolation Blues 8" PIAPTK-284

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The Blank Tapes – Covid-19 Quarantine & Isolation Blues Splatter Die Cut Cover 8” Lathe Cut
- If you know The Blank Tapes, you know that Matt Adams is one of the most prolific stoner multi-instrumentalist songwriters alive. So, it is absolutely no surprise that he cranked these two tunes under lockdown at his place in Joshua Tree, CA. It would also not be a surprise if he emerged out of all this with four or five full albums completed and recorded completely by himself. One is for the Burger Records Quarantunes comp and the other is for Brazillian Scream and Yell comp. Both are compiled here on one side of a uniquely splattered one-sided 8” square lathe cut in a die-cut covid-cover.

He is doing a BUNCH of livestreams for various publications and projects in addition to a regular every-monday-and-4:20 livestream of his own. You should probably just be friends with him on FB.