Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Casey Golden - II LP

Casey Golden was one of my favorite Tucson songwriters before he moved to LA. And now he is one of my favorite LA songwriters! This record is BEAUTIFUL. Please go check out some tunes at Soundcloud!

Recorded on a day off in Cologne, Germany during a European tour in 2018, Casey Golden’s II is a true snapshot into an artist's life during a period of transformation - one that showcases Golden’s most personal work to date. Backed up by his “dream” band, Connor Gallaher (Calexico), Andrew Collburg (Howe Gelb), and Grant Beyschau (The Myrrors), the album incorporates textures reminiscent of Alice Coltrane, fuzed out psych freakouts that nod to the Tropicalia movement, and an emphasis on harmony and melodic turnaround that could only be taught by such pop masterminds as Margo Guryan and Burt Bacharach, who weren't afraid of using big emotional language when writing about love. This isn't entirely a hark back to the past however, its Golden’s voice - an angelic whisper that pops straight out of the speakers and feels like a pillow where you can lay your head for the night. It’s an introverts venture into the real world of 2019.


Recorded live to 16 track tape by Hanno Kahl at Bex Studio
Mixed by Nathan Sabatino at Hidez Recording
Mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering
Album art by Gabriella Molina
Front cover photograph by Austin Calvello
Back cover photograph by Nairi Mila
Casey Golden - Acoustic Guitar, Jaguar Guitar, Vocals, Organ, Percussion, Songwriting
Connor Gallaher - Electric Guitar, 12 String Strat, Pedal Steel, Lap steel
Andrew Collberg - Drums, Piano, Casio
Grant Beyschau - Bass, Flute
June West - Backing Vocals
Casey Hadland - Vibraphone
Thøger Lund - Upright Bass