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Floating Action - Old World Camels LP PIAPTK - 269

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PREORDER ONLY - Should Start Shipping towards the end of June. The Almost Halloween Covers may take longer. If you are ordering other items that you would like shipped separately, please make two orders...

Floating Action – Old World Camels LP

Floating Action is back! Much like PIAPTK, Seth Kaufman always says that the next release will be his last. And just like PIAPTK, he (thankfully) keeps on cranking out the hits.

All Copies are on "Sand" Colored Vinyl with etched label areas.

The PIAPTK covers are silkscreened on chipboard sleeves.

And like the last couple of FA releases, we are ridiculously pleased to co-release OWC with my favorite record label in the world, Almost Halloween Time. Luigi the Italian Madman is, once again, making 100 unique oil paintings for the covers with handwritten titles on the back. If you somehow haven't checked out his incredible catalog, get it together and go here.

Old World Camels is limited to 300 copies, and will most likely never be pressed again. We always sell out of these within a few days (or sooner).

The PIAPTK version (ltd ed of 200 copies) has silk screened chipboard jackets.

We also have 30 copies of the LONG out of print “Is It Exquisite” LP that we bought from Baby Gas Mask Records, who co-released that album. In a perfect world, you would go buy this from them and support another great Tucson label, but you can also get it from us.

Pressing Information

Ltd ed of 300 Copies. 200 PIAPTK, 100 Almost Halloween Time