Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Little Wings - High Times Go Shine 7"

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If you have paid any attention to PIAPTK over the years, you KNOW how much I love Little Wings. If you haven't done it, do yourself a really big favor and check out his expansive catalog. I binge listened to his entire catalog on my recent drive around New Mexico and Colorado for gigs and it was amazing revisiting all of these records that I have been DEVOURING on their release over the last 20 years, but all in the space of one roadtrip. It brought up so many weird memories and feels... it was intense. Lyrically, his music can be charmingly silly and light or deeply profound, melodically, he has an extremely unique and clever sense of timing and structure, his voice has a tremendously wide range and is wholly unique, and the way that he carries all of these elements through the different phases and sounds of each album and self references themes and melodies from previous songs and phases of his career gives his entire catalog, while diverse and constantly evolving a type of cohesiveness that very few artists has....

BUT ANYWAY... enough fanboying over one of my favorite artists... I'm here to sell you some shit. But I would rather you spend the money on a couple months of Spotify and listen to nothing but Little Wings (maybe throw in the rest of the PIAPTK artists for good measure) if you can't do both.

Ok, so, around the Lathe Cave in Tucson, we have an open standing offer to our friends and family... it's called The Lathe Cave Instant Merch Machine... if they are coming through Tucson, they can stop through and spend a few hours making records in the studio. I cut the records while they hand make the covers and we make how ever many copies that we can before the show. Usually 30-70 depending on where they are coming from/going to.

Kyle Field came through Tucson as the last stop on his last tour and did some great india ink and pencil/pen drawings while I cut records for his brand new tune, High Times Go Shine. We made 54 copies. He took 27 of them with him, and left 27 of them here. so I REALLY don't have many to sell.

So if you bout that Little Wings lyfe, go get em.

FYI, we are down to single digit copies of all other Little Wings and related releases. We have 5 copies of the Soild Gold Be Gulls "Dead Giveaway" LP, 9 copies of the LW "Me Thats Me" CD-Record, and 4 copies of the Little Wings "Made It Rain" handpainted LP. So pick one up!

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Limited Ed of 54 in hand drawn sleeves on clear, square lathe cut.