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Spaceface - The Sky and The Road PIAPTK-254

Three days ago, Jake Ingalls from Spaceface (and the Flaming Lips) hit me up and asked me if I would be up for releasing their new single... the catch was that I had to have the records ready in time to meet them in Columbus, OH on May 4th. But, despite the fact that I had 5 days before I left for a month in Nepal; me, my assistant Yung Hamesy, and's Phen Troncoso (Lock Grooves) pulled them all off and had them in the mail 24 hours later. Phen is the lathe cut master and these sound GOOOD.

Spaceface is back with a brand new single, set to debut digitally via a blog or something very soon. But before that happens, this is your chance to get the song on a ltd ed Phenakistoscope (aka Animated Record) 7" picture disc. With an animation by the amazing Drew Tetz (, who I hope to be working with a LOT in the future.

To check out the animation go to

To best see the animation on your record, shine a bright light on the disc as it spins and look at the disc through your phone's video camera. It's tough to see with the naked eye, you need a phones reduced frame rate.

While you are at it, catch up with the past Spaceface releases that are still in print (these packages represent the last copies of most of them) in the Spaceface Summer Fun Pack. It includes The Sky and the Road Pic Disc, the Trust Cd-Record, Up In The Clouds Eulerian Circle Disc, and both the Spaceface and Strong Martian (80% of Spaceface's other band... RIYL Spaceface) Homely Singles Blind Date club shaped discs and you save a few bucks.

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