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SM WOLF - Bad Ocean PIAPTK - 248

Adam Gross is an old friend that I met when his old band, Amo Joy (who I've done a fair number of records for over the years) played at my day party at SXSW. He's also half of the duo that writes the songs for a toy called Edwin The Duck, who you've probably never heard of, unless you have a one year old. If you DO have a one year old, buy the little brat an Edwin the Duck. But anyway, he rules... as does his current project SM Wolf (who I've ALSO done several other releases for).

Their new LP, Bad Ocean kicks power pop ass. If you like The Elephant Six Collective AND Weezer, you are gonna love this.

It is a co-release between PIAPTK and two of my favorite labels, Almost Halloween Time, and Ipreferpi. Almost Halloween Time is the crazy Italian who hand paints all of the covers with a unique, but themed oil painting. Who knows what he's doing with this one, but it will be incredible. IPreferpi almost feels like the label PIAPTK would still be if I wasn't out of town all the goddamn time. Steven has picked up the ridiculous ideas that I used to specialize in to make releases unique and blasted them into the stratosphere. I'm honestly jealous. But I digress.

The LP comes out at the end of May, but if you buy the preorder now, you get the full download of the record, PLUS a full download of demos for the record, AND you get the record shipped to you as soon as it lands in Tucson (any day now).

Check some out at:

Almost Halloween Time - Ltd Ed of 50 in hand painted covers, each unique
PIAPTK Version - Ltd Ed of 100 on white vinyl, with Bonus pic disc lathe cut of outtake "Rebel Sunrise", with a unique stencil design cut by Lindsey Schief (LAKE/Solid Home Life) and dip painted by my kid and her friend Jack (until they got bored and went off to do something else, leaving me to finish them and yell at them to keep the goddamn noise down. But I digress... again.
Ipreferpi Version - ltd ed of 100 on red vinyl. I have no idea what the hell Steven is gonna do, but it WILL be cool.
Baby Blue Vinyl - Ltd Ed of 300 for distribution, but we will have a few here.
Black Vinyl - you know. whatever.

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Here is the Promo Blurb

S.M. Wolf is a psychedelic power-pop band based in Indianapolis and fronted by Adam Gross, an elementary school teacher by day. Initially forming as a solo recording project to commemorate the 2013 vernal equinox, S.M. Wolf quickly became a live with members Rachel Enneking, Ben Leslie, Melanie Rau, James Furness, and Bryan Unruh. The band initially released two EPs, a 7” on In Store Recordings and a cassette on Jurassic Pop.
The band’s first LP, Neon Debris, was co-released by both of their previous labels with the lead single being released on lathe-cut 7” by Joyful Noise Recordings. The album saw premiers on The Nerdist, Impose and My Old Kentucky Blog as well as a Daytrotter session. Neon Debris rounded out the year landing tracks on end-of-year playlists featured on Sub Pop and MOKB.

Following a single released on PIAPTK, S.M. Wolf toured both coasts while preparing for their second full length, Bad Ocean. On this record the band reaches deeper into the kitchen sink of musical instruments and presents lyrics that are more vulnerable and personal than on previous records while still maintaining the same fuzzed-out pop hooks that they're known for.