Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Graves - Easy Not Easy LP PIAPTK-245

Graves - Easy Not Easy 10th(ish) Anniversary Edition LP First time on vinyl!
It is NOT hyperbole to say that Easy Not Easy is my second favorite album of all time. It is sexy, chill, vibey, subtle, melodic, beautiful and one of the best examples of indie rock songwriting to ever do in its' thing inside your eardrums.

If you are EVER going to take a chance on a record from PIAPTK, THIS IS IT. Go listen to the whole thing at Graves' bandcamp:

This is a co-release with two of my favorite labels: IpreferpI and Almost Halloween Time.

PIAPTK - "Beachwater Blue" LIMITED TO 100 - Blue and clear marbled vinyl
Almost Halloween Time - Handpainted Covers - If you aren't familiar with AHT, you should be. Every record is a unique, handmade oil painting by Luigi Fulgario. Absolutely gorgeous and ridiculous. We only have 25 copies of Luigi's versions available in the States. On black vinyl. PLEASE. NOTE: READ CAVEAT BELOW BEFORE ORDERING!
IpreferpI - Lime Green Vinyl (limited to 100) I know that they are still experimenting, but their variants are always great. Not sure what exactly it will come with.
Yellow Vinyl - Unlimited, but beautiful opaque banana yellow vinyl
Black Vinyl - Unlimited, but beautiful opaque, lunar eclipse black vinyl.
Test Pressing: Limited to 15. Comes in a plain white sleeve.
IF YOU WANT A SIGNED TEST PRESSING - Click on the ALL menu to the left and go to the TEST PRESSINGS Item.

ULTIMATE GREG OLIN PACKAGE! A $95 value for only $75!
Greg is going to be your new favorite songwriter, so pick up all his PIAPTK releases at once.
You Get:
Easy Not Easy Beachwater Blue + Lathe Cut
Graves/Norfolk & Western play The Fleetwoods 10"
Solid Homelife LP - ST (Greg + Lindsey from LAKE)
4 Way Split NW - Graves/Karl Blau/Nate Ashley/Gift Machine LP
Graves - CD/Vinyl Hybrid CD Single "I Don't Wanna Die"
Fronjentress - ST Lathe Cut 10" (Greg goes Country)
Graves & Kasey Johansing Homely SIngles Blind Date Club Split Lathe Cut 7"

Pressing Information

PIAPTK - Beach Water Blue Vinyl - 100
Almost Halloween Time - Hand Made and unique covers - 50
Ipreferpi - Lime Green Vinyl - 100
Test Pressing - Ltd Ed of 15
Opaque Yellow - Unlimited
Black - Unlimited