Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Spaceface - Radiator (Rafting Remix) LCIMM #1 PIAPTK-231

Spaceface came through Tucson on tour and stopped through for a tour of the Lathe Cave. 3 hours and 12 shredded Time Life books later, they walked out of there with 13 7"s that we made on the spot, all of which sold out that night at the Tucson show. All cut and hand collaged in an afternoon, featuring a new remix of the song Radiator. I kept 13 to sell, so they will go FAST, and each one is unique.

It is a split with Greenlandic electro-gitch-rock-noise pioneers, Super Dead Black Black Fiery Crystal Fuck Wolf Girls With No Band/Kids Slash Horse Skulls and the Deer Beach Experience Project (Gho$t Mounta!ns) FKAKA Sung Lasses, which is the solo project of Gunther Olaafson, who has been hiding out in Tucson trying to avoid being deported due to overstaying his tourist visa. Gunther insists that we do not release his track as an MP3, so sorry that it is not included in the download.

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