Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Arrington DiDionysio - This Saxophone Kills Fascists Tucson Live to Lathe Sessions PIAPTK - 227

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Back in 2007, one of the very first releases that I cut myself on my first, shitty, suitcase record lathe was Arrington recording freak jazz directly to plastic picnic plates. Arrington then hand-painted all of the covers. Well, 10 years later, Arrington and I revisted the concept, this time to my higher fidelity Presto 6Ns onto plexiglass.  Arrington, hot off his weirdo accidental entanglement in the whole stupid #PIZZAGATE scandal, stopped through the Lathe Cave on tour and spent the afternoon recording avant garde free-jazz with some Tucson heavy hitters.

Musicians include: Dimitri Manos (Golden Boots, American Monoxide), Jeff Grubic (Golden Boots/Haboob), Sean Rogers (Golden Boots/Fur Family/Orkestra Mendoza), Jeff Lownsbury (Haboob/Katterwaul/Night Collectors), Steven Romo (Romo Tonight/Asian Fred/Ghostal), and even yours truly.

We recorded 9 unique performances directly to 8 lathes each, and ended up with about 70 good records.

Arrington took 35, and we kept 35. but only have about 25 for sale, since we had to give copies to the performers and kept a couple for the archives. Arrington hand-painted all of the covers, and he usually sells his art for hundreds of dollars. This is your chance to own a unique piece of art/music from a true outsider weirdo.

Includes a digital download of all 9 performances, guaranteed to annoy your co-workers!  

Pressing Information

ltd ed of 70 copies in unique hand-painted covers