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Made-To-Preorder - Lee Gull & The Graves - ST PIAPTK - 217

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These were made as part of the Made-To-Preorder series. We always make an extra ten to have on hand for stragglers, but once they are gone, these are gone for good!

Lee Baggett & Graves – Lee Baggett is a weirdo, a shredder, a chiller, a gardener, and an all around incredible sweetheart of a surf/skate/hang dude. He’s got a weird Neil Young Meets Daniel Johnston type of hippie outsider vibe that always makes for some challenging, but rewarding, listening. It exists in between the realms of what you understand about music and that which is beyond you, but it glides back and forth between these zones quickly and fluently, creating a feeling that never quite lets you drop your guard, but permeates your psyche and massages your soul. It sometimes feels like he is channeling an AM Radio station from an alternate reality. Years ago PIAPTK released a 3 EP set called Summer Grass on three 10”s. Since then, Lee has been busy going back to school, playing with Little Wings and occasionally recording some things here and there. (Check out his excellent split with Bob Thayer on Curly Cassette). But, in honor of the oncoming fall and retreating summer, Lee teamed up with Greg Olin and Graves to record Lee Gull and Graves, an ode to the disappearing warmth of another year. Greg adds his silky smooth, sexy chill stoner lounge production and musicianship to Lee’s Gram Parsons on Acid songwriting style resulting in a beautiful new masterwork to usher in the winter.

Check some audio out here:

In the interest of transparency, and so that you don’t think I’m a price gouger, when in reality I’m basically breaking even at best, I want to lay totally bare the actual expenses associated with each double 10” set.

Raw plastic - $2/disc (x2)
CNC Routing $2/disc (x2)
Labels plus printing - $1/set
Chipboard gatefold sleeve $1 (and I got a killer deal on them)
Vintage paper inner sleeves and outer plastic sleeve $.70 a set
11x17” Sticky Paper plus full color print - $2
Cutting Time – Paying James $10/hr to cut them $3.50/set
Total Cost of making each Set that I SELL= $16.20
However, I always give the artist 33% Free copies, so you have to add 33% onto the cost of each one I sell = $21.55.
Then, you have about a 20% reject/fuckup rate, which wastes materials and time and money, and brings the total NET COST of each record that I sell to $25.86. This does not account for the time that I spend going to Office Max to make prints, assembling jackets, packing sets, or the tens of thousands of dollars and hours I’ve spent accumulating gear, learning/teaching people how to cut records using an experimental process out of weird alternative materials.

I don’t write this to guilt trip you into buying it (I don’t actually make any money on them, and you can’t make that up in volume), and I know that these releases aren’t for everyone. But I occasionally get an email from someone accusing me of price gouging and charging too much (amongst other interesting accusations). They are comparing my labor intensive handmade product with a mass produced item, which is something I’ve always tried to educate my buyers about. These are handmade musical art pieces! Not mass produced products.

Pressing Information

Limited to number of preorders + 10 copies + 33% artist copies.