Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

THE IVL DISCOS Series IVL-0001-0004

The IVL Discos is a new PIAPTK subsidiary inspired by the weird, avant garde, non-commercial side projects of so many bands that I know. Here are the details. Some of these will have been made by bands that you know and love, and some will be bands that you WOULD have loved had you known them.

Listen to them all HERE:

1) All releases will be limited to 53 lathe cut 7” (max 6 min per side) copies. 17 artist copies, 33 copies sold through our website, and 3 copies that will be mailed to a randomly chosen thrift store in an American town that nobody has ever heard of. All releases will be sold through the website for $8.88 each.
2) Each release will be recorded by musicians in other bands. Could be established bands, collaborations between friends, super groups, solo artists, whatever. Each release will be credited to a pseudonym (chosen by the band), and all performers will choose pseudonyms for themselves. No information (other than the pseudonyms) about the band or performers will be released until after all the copies have been sold.
3) All music will be in the vein of avant garde, experimental, noise, etc. It is preferable that the music be so far outside the standard output of the artists involved that it is unrecognizable.
4) The label is responsible only for curation of the artist… the artists will be given FULL creative control to record/release ANYTHING they want.
5) The records will be on clear, square, 7” lathe cuts. They will be packaged in minimal, consistent, and relatively ugly covers.
6) All releases will be available for streaming through Soundcloud until they are sold out, and will then be taken down. No digital files will be offered.

IVL-0001: Saqqara Mastaba
Performed By: Saqqara Mastaba Hermopolis Magna & Waan’Ubyee Shemayet
Side 1: Walking Through The False Door & Fixed By The Tiny Talons of the Vulture Goddess
Side 2: No Escape For the Serfs on the Surf

IVL-0002: Swamp Cooler
Performed by: J Spitzer
Side 1: FX1-FX6
Side 2: FX7 Heaven

IVL-0003: Super Dead Black Black Fiery Crystal Fuck Wolf Girls With No Band Kids/Horse Skulls and the Dear Beach Experience Project (Ghost$ - Mntns)
Performed by: Gunther Olaafson, Eddy Didley, J-Bo Davelanche, M. Devingeh
Side 1: But Press in Printout
Side 2: Improbably Spaniel

IVL-0004: St. John's Dance
Performed by: St. John, Petri, Morwen Moon, & Shania Pain.
Side 1: Bone Crusher
Side 2: An Offering

IVL-0005: COLD'diss'PLAY (listen here:
Performed by: Soylent Groan & Ted Forcefulkiss
Side 1: Bungus Bay
Side 2: Bungus Bay Part Deux

Pressing Information

Limited Edition of 53: 17 Artist Copies, 33 Sales Copies, 3 Copies mailed to random Thrift Store in little known US city.