Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ


A Sampling of tunes from Still-In-Print Pressed Vinyl Releases. Please check them out. You might find something you like!

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1. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Streets of Philadelphia (from the CFTPA/Concern Square shaped Split 8.75”)
2. Wooden Wand - Man In Reno (from Archives Vol. 3)
3. LABRYYYNTH – Antenna of Sin (from LABRYYYNTH LP)
4. Lazer Zeppelin – Sinking Sand (from American Derivative LP)
5. Little Wings - Halloween 2020 (from Made It Rain LP)
6. Golden Boots – Everything (from Coyote Deathbed Surprise/EV LP)
7. Advance Base - Whirlaway The Horse (from Advance Base/Hello Shark Split 7”)
8. Wooden Wand - Agent of Destruction (from Born Bad LP)
9. Impossible Shapes - Her Sweet Eyes (from 4 Way Split Midwest LP)
10. Saturday Looks Good To Me - Coke Can in A Peach Orchard (from 4 Way Split Midwest LP)
11. Casper and the Cookies - Things to do Before We Die (from Optimists Club LP)
12. Karl Blau - Song For Kevin (from 4 Way Split Northwest LP)
13. Graves - Weed Out The Trips (from 4 Way Split Northwest LP)
14. Carcrashlander - All Y'All (from All Y’all 7”)
15. Southerly - Breath of My Youth (from Storyteller and the Gossip Columunist LP)
16. Protest Hill - We Won't Pretend (from Southerly/Protest Hill Split 7”)
17. Norfolk & Western/Graves - Go Away Little Girl (from Fleetwood’s Hack 10”)
18. Jescos - Doug Yule (from Topless Cowgirl 7”)
19. Grey Waves – Untitled (from Faith/Void 7”)
20. Solid Home life - Petting Zoo (from Solid Home Life LP)
21. The Crash That Took Me - Purple Clouds (from Unreleased Songs 7”)
22. Casper and the Cookies - Little King (from Modern Silence 2xLP)
23. Anni Rossi/Whitman - Boot Camp In Idaho (from Anni Rossi/Whitman 10”)
24. Keith John Adams – Change (from Roughhousing LP and Change 7”)
25. Amo Joy – Mal du Siecle (from Amo Joy LP)
26. Forest Fallows - Choosy Blues (from At Home LP)

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