Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Wooden Wand - Winter Still 7" PIAPTK - 082

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Finally got a new $500 diamond cutting needle and cut the B side to the 4 records that were half-done before my original needle died after making only 20 records that I could sell. Sorry they are expensive, but, well, they were expensive to make. :-/

Wooden Wand: Winter in Kentucky/I Still Haven't Lost You Diamond Disk Flexi!: LTD ED of 40!
Two new, killer, total bummer tunes from the inimitable James Jackson Toth on vintage Edison Diamond Disks, translucent red 7" flexi discs that were used in a very short lived dictaphone recording device in the 60's.

Sound quality is head and shoulders about the picnic plates, and they were all cut one at a time, in real time. Winter in Kentucky was written from the perspective of a meth addict on the reality show "Intervention"after his girlfriend left him for Rehab. The best summation of "I Still Haven't Lost You" is what James told me when he sent it to me... "The ladies hate this one". There were only 40 of these made, and I only have 20! The rest were available on the final leg of the Wooden Wand/Swans tour.


  1. I Still Haven't Lost You
  2. Winter In Kentucky

Pressing Information

Limited Edition of 45 7"s lathe cut onto 1960s Edison Diamond Discs.