Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Saturday Looks Good To Me/Emily Jane Powers/Impossible Shapes & Friends LP PIAPTK - 037

The second installment in the regional "buddy band" 4-way split LPs. Actually, it's more like an 8-way split, because rather than splitting their side with another band, the Impossible Shapes decided to split it with some of their various side/solo projects. On colored vinyl, in hand-screened/colored/painted inserts with a 2-sided hand-screened insert. ONLY 300 Made!


  1. Impossible Shapes - Her Sweet Eyes
  2. Impossible Shapes - Into Chaos
  3. Horns of Happiness - One By Matter
  4. Uno Moss - Donate
  5. Norman Oak - Princess Unicornus
  6. Wee Giant - Circular Room
  7. Goatmother - Food In My Lungs
  8. Saturday Looks Good To Me - Dead Drums
  9. Saturday Looks Good To Me - Another Way
  10. Saturday Looks Good To Me - More
  11. Saturday Looks Good To Me - Coke Can In A Peach Orchard
  12. Emily Jane Powers - Shambles
  13. Emily Jane Powers - Shoebox
  14. Emily Jane Powers - Thomas
  15. Emily Jane Powers - Great White North
  16. Emily Jane Powers - With Me This Evening

Pressing Information

Ltd Ed of 300, All on colored vinyl in handscreened and stenciled jackets.