Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Lazer Zeppelin - American Derivative LP PIAPTK - 051

For the immediate future, 100% of all sales will go to benefit Mark Morrison’s gofundme. He and his family lost their brand new 4 week old daughter and need help with end of life and grief counseling expenses. I met and held Penny last week and it is absolutely fucking gutting that this has happened. Donate directly or purchase a record/download and all of the money will be passed through directly to Mark and his family.

The debut recording from Olympia supergroup (mems of L.A.K.E., Full Red, Number Bear, Twig Palace, etc) will blow your mind. Imagine the Carter Family arranged by John Cale, produced by Phil Spector and Kevin Shields, and mastered by Daniel Johnston on his Sears and Roebuck tape recorder. 8 epic tracks of echo soaked lo-fi beauty. You can check out a below low budget video for the song Sinking Sand here: There will be a video for the second single, Moses, up on youtube soon. You can also check out some other tracks at their myspace.

American Derivative is limited to 300 copies in 2 versions:
Colored Version - Ltd ed of 200 copies in white, fingerpainted and silkscreened covers on colored vinyl. $10
Half and Half Version - Ltd ed of 100 copies in black, fingerpainted and silkscreened covers on half black, half yellow vinyl . Includes a unique, 1/1 print of a photo taken by Andrew of LZ. $12
Both versions include digital download card.


  1. Moses
  2. Sinking Sand
  3. Just a Muscle In My Chest
  4. Sweet Apple Cider
  5. Cigareets and Whuskey and Wild Wild Womyn
  6. Shake Sugaree
  7. Friday Night