Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Southerly - Champion of the Noisy Negatavists LP PIAPTK - 054

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Ltd Ed of 50 copies on clear LP, hand-screened.
This is not a standard Southerly record... it was actually originally recorded by Krist Krueger (Southerly frontman) as a solo project under a different name, but the full band began playing songs from it and Krist decided to make it a Southerly release. It is a very beautiful, atmospheric, droney kind of instrumental record. Really good, late rainy night kind of feel. Ltd ed of 50 in hand screened covers on clear lathe cut vinyl 12". email for MP3s


  1. Trial
  2. Champion of the Noisy Negatavists
  3. Repercussions
  4. Ascend
  5. Allotasis