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Free Daily Download - Golden Ghost - Vishnu in the Sow/Siva Playing Siva Faux Picture Disc Lathe Cut

In a desperate attempt to get people to hear all the wonderful records I release (and hopefully buy them in physical form), we will be offering up a free album or 7" for download every day until we run out of stuff to give away.  The minimum price for download only will be changed to 0.00.

Todays freebie, the Vishnu In The Sow/Siva Playing Siva faux picture disc from Upstate NY's folk freak, Golden Ghost.  Golden Ghost is the project of Laura Goetz, who has also played with bands like Castanets and Viking Moses.  There were only 50 made, and they were lathe cut on clear, square plastic and then silkscreened on the reverse side and they come in Arigato mathcbook type sleeves, also silkscreened.  I am down to the last few.

Posted on February 2nd, 2012
Ariel Pink/R. Stevie Moore MIRROR lathe cut, Little Wings - Hand-Painted LPs, Advance Base Lathe cut!


Lots of really crazy releases out today.

1) Ariel Pink/R. Stevie Moore “SteviePink Javascript” Square, Lathe cut MIRROR 7” - An amazing 6 minute space droner collaboration from Ariel Pink & R. Stevie Moore. Only 88 copies were made, and they lathe cut onto 7” MIRRORS.  Comes in silkscreened holographic drum covering, in several different colors.  Almost every aspect of this record was made from recycled or upcycled materials. The mirrored acrylic was collected over several years from the by-the-pound remnant bin of a Tacoma plastic supplier. It came from the end pieces and overcut scraps of various projects and was otherwise destined for the dump. The holographic covers were hand-cut with a T-square and boxcutter (hence the jaggedness of some) from the end remnants of rolls of psychedelic drum-covering. Even the paper for the insert was picked up at a garage sale.

2) Little Wings – Made It Rain LP – Ltd Ed of 300 LPs in covers that were hand-painted by Kyle Field of Little Wings, who is as renowned for his art as he is his incredible songwriting. A split release with the awesome Gnome Life Records in Big Sur, CA (, Made it Rain was originally released on cassette as part of their Echomancy series. PIAPTK, GnomeLife, and Kyle each have only 100 copies available.

Gnome Life said it best when they said:
Made it Rain is a direct transmission from the mind of Kyle Field (A.K.A. Little Wings)... brain waves reflected off a storm cloud and the nearby ocean... song droplets from Kyle and the windy mother. A chill out tape of eclectic covers, Little Wings classics remixed, a little story telling, and a fully new song to boot.
Recorded on cassette tape live in The Dream Yurt, high on the cliffs of Big Sur, California, above the Pacific Ocean, one late night in May 2011, in the midst of a gentle but unrelenting rain storm which eventually cut the party short by outing the power. "Made it Rain" is a wild artifact from the wild west.

3) Advance Base – Our Cat - Square, Lathe Cut 7" -  Owen Ashworth (formerly known as Casiotone For The Painfully Alone) asked me to do a run of lathe cuts for his most recent tour. Has the tune “Our Cat” b/w The theme from the classic 70s radio station sitcom, WKRP in Cincinatti. We made 80 copies and split them down the middle. He sold out of his 40 in the first few shows, and we have the final 40 copies.  This is lathe cut onto square, 7" acrylic and comes in a Riesographed cover.

Posted on January 16th, 2012
Golden Boots Fan Art Contest!

Check out the new Golden Boots Fan Art Contest on Facebook!

Are you an artist? Do you like The Golden Boots? Do you collect rare and bizarre records? If you answered yes to all of those things, then this contest is for you! Create a piece of Golden Boots-themed art; could be a painting, drawing, collage, digital creation, music video, iphone app, video game, tableus, mechanical robots, song tributes, whatever. Anything inspired by the music, the men, or the myth of Golden Boots.

The top 5 submissions, as judged by The Golden Boots and PIAPTK, will receive their choice of custom made lathe cut LP: Either Burning Brain (never available on vinyl) or a Rarities LP of out of print or unreleased tunes that you've probably never heard. Each of these LPs will be lathe cut onto either a new, high quality lacquer or Laserdisc... your choice. There will only be 5 of these available and each one will come in custom, handmade artwork by the Golden Boots themselves. All entries will receive free digital downloads of Burning Brain and the Rarities albums.

To enter, simply create your work of art, post it on Facebook and tag The Golden Boots ( & and PIAPTK Recordings (

If you don't already know Golden Boots, check out the free Digital Sampler at for some inspiration!

All submissions are due by Feb. 20th.

Posted on January 16th, 2012
Wooden Wand Archives Boxset Preorders all shipped!

All Preorders for the Wooden Wand Archives Boxset were shipped between Jan. 3 and 6th.  So, please keep an eye out, as they should be at your place by the end of next week at the latest!  International orders, may take longer.

There are still a few copies of the boxset and individual LPs available at:


Posted on January 14th, 2012