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Sloppy Joe and the Cruise - Sloppy Sails Alone LP! PIAPTK - 328

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Sloppy Sails Alone: Unearthed Outtakes, Demos, and Forgotten Sketches from Deep in the Archive Closets of Sand Dune Sound.

“When we released “Keep on Cruising” by Sloppy Joe and the Cruise, we were under the distinct impression that the album represented the sum total and entirety of the recorded output of Key West songwriter, Sloppy Joe Flappens.

However, upon it's release, we got an email out of the blue from Roger Adams, who, as it turns out, was actually present at the recording sessions. Roger was 19 at the time, and was both the assistant to, and son of, engineer and producer, “Swifty” Adams. (If this doesn't ring a bell, please pick up a copy of “Keep on Cruisin'” and read all about it in the enclosed zine. Or, email and Mike from the label will send you a pdf.).

Sloppy Sails Alone has been culled from these tapes AND includes a free download of home demo versions of the entire Keep on Cruisin' album.

On white, lathe cut 12" vinyl
"Tequila Sunrise" liquid filled Vinyl Ltd to 25 copies with Sand Dune Sound Ashtray! Made by Filled Record Master, Matt Ortt at Plastikat Deviations. Also comes in a heavy duty top-loader sleeve.

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Pressing Information

25 Copies of Tequila Sunrise filled vinyl w/ Ashtray
50 Copies on White Lathe Cut LP Vinyl